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I've had too much coffee this morning!

Yeah, I kinda had too much coffee this morning and it shows cause my thoughts are racing a mile a minute and so is my mouth! Lucky for you, the mic is off for part of the day!  :)

Here is the quick n dirty on what I discussed this morning...

Log O  Fries--Awesome!
It's Carnival and Fair season. Here are some crazy food combinations that came up with. Have you ever eaten fried butter? Seriously!  Read more here...

If you suffer from allergies like I do, here are some cool tips to help you avoid being affected from  Here's the link.

Two of my faves are:

  •  If you have an airborne allergy, don’t ride in a car with the window open. Run the air-conditioner.
  •  Invest in a neti pot, a small “tea pot” that allows you to flush your nasal cavities with water. Best used in the shower, these devices do take a bit of practice. But neti pots are inexpensive and very effective. Below is a neti pot in use. I love mine!



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07/16/2012 9:22AM
I've had too much coffee this morning!
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