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I'm back, but I'm not awake!


6:15- Getting my bearings and talking about S.C. I was so babbly this morning. I'm pretty sure it's because I still have vacation brain. I mean, I had my feet in the sand a few days ago and I was sleeping in late and staying up even later.  The temps were 63 degrees and sunny on the day we left South Carolina...then we drove for 8 or 9 hours into the snow storm. You cannot believe how stressful that can be!

6:45- Some of the stuff I threw together in the 6:45 break.

  • ● Bill Cosby is returning to NBC.  The comedian, who had a hugely successful series with the network in the 80s, will star in a new half-hour family comedy. The series will star Cosby as the patriarch of  a multi-generational family. I mean, who doesn't remember hunkering down and watching the Cosby Show in the 80's and 90's? I remember doing the “First you cut the turkey” stuff impersonation of Julia Child.
  • Captain and Tenielle are breaking up...after  nearly 40 years! Wha?
  • Earlier, I read about melting ice on your driveway using a little Dawn dish liquid, a little rubbing alcohol and hot water. I asked if anyone had used it or heard of it. No one called. (just like I'm sure no one is reading this blog).I got nuthin...crickets.  So...

In case you were curious like I DOESN'T work.

7:15- We soon may be saying an R.I.P to the OMG! For Realz.

OMG! Texting may be on its way out.  For the first time last year, the number of text messages sent in the UK declined - and it’s expected to continue to drop, with instant messages outpacing texts two-fold by the end of 2014.  Experts believe young people are opting for web-based messaging services like Snapchat over traditional texting.  It’s not hard to see why- these apps let them communicate with multiple people at once and include photos and videos with their messages.  Plus, they’re cheaper than texting plans (and often totally free).



8:15 Yet another reason to be careful what you post on social media. It could affect getting a loan. Not kidding. Your stupid tweets could cost you- literally.  An increasing number of lending companies are using borrowers’ social media profiles to judge whether they are eligible for loans.  Lenders who employ the practice claim social media is useful in the absence of other more traditional research methods.  But consumer groups say it results in some people and small businesses being unfairly denied credit.  And there is some concern that mining social media to determine credit worthiness isn’t even totally legal.



01/23/2014 10:28AM
I'm back, but I'm not awake!
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