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I got men on the brain. Sorta...Slow Jammin Presidents! Men can't keep secrets,

6:15- I don't know how I missed this clever commercial. It's the “Founding Fathers” serenading you a la 1990's slow jams. Awesome! See it below:


6:45- Guys are worst at keeping secrets than women.

Can You RELATE?)... Men are the biggest gossips, ten percent blab about a secret within minutes

While a woman can keep a secret for three and a half hours before telling someone else, men can only wait two hours and 47 minutes.

Half of men studied admitted to sharing a secret with someone within a few minutes of hearing it themselves.

Despite this data, 92% of men believe they are good at keeping secrets.

One in 20 men said that they would share someone’s secret with at least five people including friends, their significant other and colleagues.


Here are ten secrets that men have the most trouble keeping to themselves:

1. A friend is having an affair
2. Someone was lying about something
3. My boss/colleague is having an office romance
4. Someone I know is pregnant
5. Someone has been in trouble with the police
6. Someone was lying about their job or salary
7. I know someone who has had/is having plastic surgery
8. A friend has had a windfall
9. A friend/colleague is in financial trouble
10. A friend/colleague is having trouble in the bedroom department


7:15- Top Brands Men like. What's interesting is that there are some that are constant. I was most surprised that in the youngest age group (the Millenials), they LOVE Old Spice! What am I missing here? Well, I found out the answer when one of our listeners called and told me that her 23 year old son LOVES Old Spice. He's pretty big on their new “Wolf” scent. She said it's because they've come out with new fragrances as of late. Okay then.


8:15- If you praise your kids too much, they might not rise to the challenge when necessary. It might just fall flat. Call it too much of a good thing.  A study suggests praising your children- especially when they suffer from low self-esteem- can actually backfire!  While you may think positive reinforcement is encouraging, some experts say it can put excessive pressure on kids, which causes them to avoid challenges.

02/17/2014 11:06AM
I got men on the brain. Sorta...Slow Jammin Presidents! Men can't keep secrets, Top brands men like
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