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How would you quit your job?, Animals fall in love too!, Class of 2018 will make

6:15 Workers Would Love to Exit Job in Grand Style

Marina Shifrin became an international sensation when she filmed her resignation from a Taiwanese animation company, which naturally went viral.

That got a lot of people to thinking about doing the same thing, if they had their druthers.

So Shoutly, an online social commerce platform, asked 500 people in the U.S. if they would like the world to know that they were quitting a job and 52 percent said they would post their resignation on a social networking site.

Seven percent of that group said they would do it the same way as Shifrin, basically dancing around an empty office to make a grand exit.

Meanwhile, another seven percent would hire a band to play behind them as they bid the boss farewell while another seven percent suggested going out in a literal "blaze of glory."

And of course, this being the age of anything goes, five percent would announce their retirement via a pornographic tweet from their soon-to-be former company's Twitter account.

So...this guy came up with his own way of quitting, while also taking his boss to task!


6:45 Animals can fall in love too...seriously! Animals can fall in love

Newser) – Researchers found that animals can love, just like humans.

The studies had to do with oxytocin, the "neurochemical of love" that's released when humans engage in any number of activities from bonding with their children to having sex to, yes, interacting with animals.


But the guy doing the study was interested in seeing whether animals, too, saw an increase in oxytocin production during certain interactions.

In n animal refuge in Arkansas, a young male terrier and a young male goat regularly enjoyed playing with one another. Blood samples were taken from both animals, before and after 15 minutes of play. Zak found that after playing together, the dog's oxytocin increased 48%—meaning that, as Zak puts it, "the dog was quite attached to the goat," and thought of him as a "friend." But the goat's oxytocin increased an incredible 210%, showing that "the goat might have been in love with the dog," Zak says, as that's what an equivalent surge in a human would likely mean. Click for his full article.


7:15 58 things about the class of 2018 that are truly depressing

I'm just going to take out my teeth and read this list!

  1. Razr phone is in a museum
  2. They don't know what dial up internet is. Sigh. *slaps forehead!
  3. Sound like a broken record, will have no meaning to them


8:15 Careless or Dead is a Mashup from Kleptonics of

Careless Whisper and Dead or Alive from Bon Jovi.

See the video here:


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05/06/2014 11:25AM
How would you quit your job?, Animals fall in love too!, Class of 2018 will make you feel old, Aweso
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