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Holiday Travel, Huh?, Butterball Turkey Talk Line

6:15- Holiday Travel is more expensive this year. Well, you could opt to NOT go over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house but we know that's not an option. Ouch.

If you haven’t booked your holiday travel yet, you may want to call your family and apologize in advance for your absence.  Flight prices for Thanksgiving travel are up more than 9% this year, with Christmas fares trailing only slightly behind at 7.3%.  So if you’re waiting on last-minute deals, don’t get your hopes up- even those responsible folks who booked well in advance probably paid through the nose.  If staying put isn’t an option, travel experts advise avoiding flying on the Sunday after Thanksgiving (December 1) and the Sunday after Christmas (January 5)- since those are the days most people want to or have to travel, fares will be especially steep

6:45- The word Huh is a universal word. Recently, I heard a podcast where they were talking about the universalty (,======I just made that word up) of that word. Here's the link to the podcast I heard.


7:15- I talked with Butterball Expert, Phyllis. She rocks! She really knows her turkey info. Here are a few of the facts she dropped during our interview:

  1. Take the turkey out of the freezer TODAY

  2. Use a good meat thermometer. Meat should be 165 degrees

  3. About 2 hours in, take a piece of aluminum foil and cover the breast of the bird.

  4. You can stuff the turkey but make sure you don't jam it in there. The stuffing temp should be 165 degrees.

  5. If you cook it too long and dry out the turkey breast, just make a lot of gravy. That's what Phyllis said!

Here's the interview:

11/21/2013 11:03AM
Holiday Travel, Huh?, Butterball Turkey Talk Line
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