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Hipsters get beard implants, when did you decide to stop being trendy?, Lion Kin

6;15 I recently read that: wannabe hipsters are getting......wait for it..................beard transplants! Get this, if you're longing for a hipster beard, but just don’t have enough fuzz to fill it out, try a facial hair transplant! Apparently, they’re all the rage among young, stylish men. Customers pay up to $7,000 a pop to enhance their scruff. One plastic surgeon estimates he performs three beard implants a week! “I get a lot of detail-oriented people — artists, architects,” another surgeon said, citing that many of his patients hail from Brooklyn. No surprise there! Well, that got me to thinking, I'm not trying to be trendy like that anymore these days. Then I read this: If your hubby has been letting himself go a bit lately, here's why -- men give up trying to be trendy and cool at the age of 46.  Most say they're not in great shape anymore and have stopped worrying about how they look, and a third of guys could care less about the health implications of what they eat. I turned the question to you... When did you finally give up trying to be trendy?

For me, I gave up being trendy when it was painful. For instance, when I could no longer go out and wear high heels, because they hurt my feet.


6:45 So imagine you're on a flight and the cast of Lion King is on the flight. Before take off, the cast gave a mini performance! Lion King singalong makes flying more fun.




Here’s a new way to get people to put down their smartphones. An invention called Offline Glass is a beer glass that keeps people from checking their phones when they’re out at a bar. It features an iPhone-sized notch cut into the base. The glass can’t stand upright without a smartphone wedged underneath, so if you reach to check your phone, the glass will topple and spill the beer. This is also a handy way to avoid drunk texting! So far it’s only available at one bar in Brazil, but it could soon catch on.



New data reveals which states consume the most wine.  People in Washington, D.C. (we’re looking at you, Olivia Pope) drink the most vino- almost 26 liters per person in 2013.  On the other hand, folks in West Virginia drink the least.  Overall, wine is especially popular in the Northeast, out West and in Florida. See the map here:


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04/02/2014 8:27AM
Hipsters get beard implants, when did you decide to stop being trendy?, Lion King Cast breaks into s
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