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Help! I'm turning into my mom, Pay to coach your picky eater?, Justin T sits dow

Sorry it's so late today. I totally forgot to post.

6:15 I know I talked about this before but as we get closer to Mother's day, it's nice to see the funny little ways that we are becoming our moms. I saw so many links to's a funny video that about sums it up. Ha. Some signs you are turning into your mother:

Here are some of the other links too: (from british site)


  1. You call that music?

  2. Someone calls you ma'am/madam, and you get a little annoyed by it.

  3. You make it an early night

  4. You start using your mom's phases.

  1. You drunk off wine

  2. You're overly critical

  3. You Buy Hanes Underwear Because It’s A Better Deal

  4. You Find Grinding Distasteful Who says “the shopping cart” is out of style? Dancing is supposed to be about freedom of expression.

  5. You Shop In Bulk For Fear Of Storms That Aren’t Coming

  6. You Find Yourself Going Home At Four Because You Want Dinner Ready By Six

  7. You Think Someone Died Whenever The Phone Rings

  8. You Take Sports Like Tennis Seriously

  9. You Watch ABC Dramas (Unrealistic cop shows with a hot private investigator and predictable story lines are the only thing to live for anymore.)

  10. You Make Corny Jokes

  11. You Complain About Running Errands

  12. You Have Tissues In Your Purse Where did they all come from? Why do I have so many? Does anyone need a tissue?

  13. You’re Constantly Forwarding Mass Chain Emails But it’s a puppy sitting in a tire! How can I not send it to everyone I love?

  14. You Sign Your Texts And Facebook Posts

  15. You’re Suddenly Attracted To Talbots Or Ann Taylor Why is that blazer with shoulder pads looking rather sexy?

  16. You Get Overwhelmed Easily



7:15- Parents Paying "Picky Eater" Coaches $250 Per Hour (May 8, 2014)

Some parents would do anything to get their picky eater to try something new.  Some are even going as far as hiring "coaches" for up to $250 per hour to help broaden their little one's horizons.  The initial hour-long consultation plus follow up visits can end up totaling about $400. One mom from New Jersey bragged to the Wall Street Journal that after hiring a food coach, her girls started eating sweet potatoes and substituting juice for water or seltzer with a splash of juice. She said the trick to getting kids to eat new foods is to mix them with familiar favorites. 

Things to think about:
  • What kind of dietary miracle would someone have to pull off to get you to pay them $400

  • How did you get your kids to start trying new foods?

  • When your kid was going through his/her picky phase, what were the only things you could get him/her to eat?


8:15 I played Britney and then Justin Timberlake and it got me to thinking how much I liked them when they were cute little teenagers in love. I thought they were such a cute couple. Then I remembered that I saw the Justin will be on Oprah's “Master Class”.


I just rambled on and on about Justin Timberlake. Y'all know I think he's so talented and seems very genuine. He'll be featured on OWN Network's Master Class. Sunday at 10pm. 


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05/08/2014 12:47PM
Help! I'm turning into my mom, Pay to coach your picky eater?, Justin T sits down on OWN Network
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