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Heartbleed Internet bug is a serious problem, This is what Americans think of mu

6:15- Superbug Heartbleed, could be a big old issue! What you need to do is change your password for all the sites you log into consistently. Just in case. Here are a few articles that give you some insight. It's a BIG DEAL!!!!!!

If you don't believe me, here's a list of the affected sites...there ware TONS of them. Be safe y'all. Change your passwords.

This is a list of all the sites that could be affected. Now you see why it's so important to change your passwords!

This tells you what else to do about the Heartbleed bug: (Good luck!)

6:45 60 Minutes & Vanity Fair took a poll of what we think of music. Surprising results. We basically think:


-new music is kind of um...crappy.

-people want their kids to know music of Mozart or the Beatles

-people want to be the lead singer of a rock band.


Fun stuff. Read more here:


Music to our ears!  A new poll revealed some fun facts about Americans’ musical tastes.  For instance…

-More than 40% of people think the music of the current decade is the worst.

-People are pretty evenly split when it comes to which artist they’d like their children to study- 33% said The Beatles while 32% said Mozart.

-64% of Americans think songs sound best when sung in English.

-About a quarter of people think the guitar is the sexiest instrument to play, with saxophone a close second.

-Almost 30% would most like to be the lead singer of a rock band, followed by the drummer.

-Parents would much rather take their daughters to see Taylor Swift in concert than Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber or One Direction.

-Half think rap/hip hop has reached its peak.

-Nearly three quarters think jazz is more important than hip hop.


7:15 Well, apparently, how I have a total excuse to be the procrastinator that I am! yay! :),0,1353113.story



Why put off ‘til tomorrow something that can be done today?  Because you were born this way!  That’s right- a new study found procrastination may be genetic.  Previous research has found that people who have a tendency to procrastinate also often behave impulsively.  This new study found those two traits may originate from the same genetic roots.  It makes sense, considering both habits likely have evolutionary implications- back when man’s main goal was basic survival, putting off long-term goals to satisfy immediate needs gave us an advantage.

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04/10/2014 9:06AM
Heartbleed Internet bug is a serious problem, This is what Americans think of music...interesting!,
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