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He Texted! Punkin s for a cause and more!

Today we covered that Newsweek Magazine is set to print their last edition at the end of the year. After 80 years, it's kind of sad. Hans was saying that he'll miss the magazine at the doctors office. It's weird to think that weekly that has been around for so long will not be here in print form anymore. Wow. For those who are really concerned, it'll still be available in electronic format.

Pink Pumpkin Patch?
So get this. These farmers stumbled upon a pumpkin that has pink-ish flesh and skin. This is where Susan G. Komen comes into the picture. They commissioned farmers around the country to grow these pink pumpkins. When they sell the pumpkins, a donation of $.25 will be donated to organizations involved in research for Breast Cancer Awareness. Cool right? Would you buy one of these babies? Here's the story I found that explains it all.

Ladies, if you're single like I am, sometimes you just have difficult time figuring out what men mean when they say certain things. If you find yourself mis-understanding the men in your life (especially via text messages) you need to read this!!!
What is it about a man's text message that is so hard to understand? Apparently plenty, if you're a woman. If you're wondering what his text really means, head to You show the text, and the public votes on whether he's "into you," "not into you," or the "verdict is still out."  Wow. Let me know if it works for you!

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10/23/2012 11:49AM
He Texted! Punkin s for a cause and more!
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