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Tweet for food poisoning?, Friday Fun Facts, Myths about Colds, Friday Toy Memor

It's finally here! Friiii-day! Woo. I'm not gonna complain that the weather is gonna be crap...I promise. :)

This is what I covered on the show today.

6:15- There's a new app they are working on to track foodbourne illness. Tweet before you eat! A new system called nEmesis can help you prevent food poisoning by using data from Twitter to trace the source of the illness. The program is able to scan tweets tagged at verified restaurant locations and track the same users' tweets for 72 hours. If any of these users tweet about feeling sick, nEmesis captures this information and connects it back to where the person had eaten. Eventually, computer scientists hope to fine-tune this system and develop it into a mobile app to help people avoid foodborne illnesses. 

6:45- Friday Fun Facts 

Q- According to Mental Floss, notch, peak, and shank are different types of what?
A- Lapels

Q- According to OMG Facts, what color was the Cookie Monster originally?
A- Green
Q- According to Wiki Answers, what country is sometimes called the Land of Fire and Ice?
A- Iceland

7:15- When cold and flu season hits, you hear all kinds of advice to fight the cold. Well, most of these things are false. For instance: Starve a fever but feed a cold. Um. No. Or the perennial mom favorite "Don't go outside in the cold with wet hair, you'll catch a cold." False!  
Read more myths about colds here.

Friday Toy Memory: Flo from Alice. My favorite was her line was "Kiss My Grits". 

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10/11/2013 7:28AM
Tweet for food poisoning?, Friday Fun Facts, Myths about Colds, Friday Toy Memory
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