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Hand dryers vs paper towels, More stressed at home vs work?, DinnerTime App, Hei


When you’re in a public restroom and need to dry your hands, do you grab a paper towel or use the high-speed dryer?

Hopefully, at least one of these options is available to you and as University of Buffalo students who conducted a study found out, two thirds of their classmates used paper towels. 

If there is such a thing as a right or wrong choice, the majority made the wrong selection.

Collecting bacteria samples from towel dispensers and Dyson Airblades inside four men’s and women’s lavatories, the UB students discovered the dispensers contained six times more bacteria even though the towels themselves were sanitary.

In addition, the cost of using the Airblades for a year was under $28, compared to $900 in paper towel costs annually.

So why do more people use towels? It’s all about the perception that regular hand dryers are somehow dirtier. In fact, the Dyson Airblades inside the UB restrooms were found to be much cleaner than other dryers. Read the findings here.

6:45- MORE STRESSED AT HOME THAN AT WORK? _ Many people find home life more stressful than work. In the new study (Pennsylvania State University) researchers had 122 people swab their cheeks three times a day, so they could measure the participants' cortisol levels. Cortisol is a key stress hormone, and rises when we're in stressful situations. They also asked the people to rate their moods at home and at work. Read about it here.

7:15 DinnerTime App! Awesome! App Forces Kids To Unplug For Dinner (June 11, 2014)

If it's a struggle to get kids to put down their tablet or smartphone to eat dinner, you'll love this new app. It's called DinnerTime, and locks all gadgets at meal times. The free app can show kids how long they have until their phone will lock, and then tells them how long they will remain locked. The app is activated by the parent and pauses all of the device's capabilities. The company behind the app, ZeroDesktop, says, "Technology offers us an incredible source of information  at our fingertips, as well as connecting people around the world. Yet at the same time it poses significant challenges in its addictiveness, and can cause a barrier between people. For years people have been saying that technology makes us anti-social-- this is something we hope to change."


Check It Out:


7:30- Ford and Heinz have gotten together to make car parts from discarded tomatoes. Really.

These pellets look more like cat food than what's left over after tomatoes have been made into ketchup!  Read more here:

06/11/2014 8:34AM
Hand dryers vs paper towels, More stressed at home vs work?, DinnerTime App, Heinz & Ford partner!
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