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Technology can't get rid of these things, What's a Quesarito?, Get rid of tick

6:15 There are so many things that technology is making obsolete these days. Here are 7 things that technology (so far) can't seem to make obsolete.

10 Awesome Things That Technology Will Never Make Obsolete (meh) -

1. Shop Vacuum (Sawdust? Check. Wet sawdust? Check. Water? Check. Mud? Check.)
2.Duct tape
3.Frying Pan
4.Map and Compass
5.Cast Iron Skillet
6.Original Swiss Army Knife

My favorite on this list is the cast iron skillet. Who doesn't love cornbread done in the cast iron skillet? <== Check out the recipe for it here.

TACO BELL released the “QUESARITO” yesterday. Now you can order something called the Quesarito off the Taco Bell menu. It's basically a burrito-quesadilla hybrid, meaning that it's your basic burrito, but with a grilled, cheesy tortilla wrapped around it. Yummm. Here are 5 little things your should know about the Quesarito. I'm making plans for lunch!

Let's investigate it:


7:15 How to get rid of ticks...really. It's tick season around here, and many people remove ticks the WRONG way! DO NOT, do not, do NOT put anything on the tick to make it "back out on its own!" That's the most dangerous time for the host, because t

Protect yourself from tick-borne disease by removing the disgusting little buggers CORRECTLY. Please share! Read about the right way to remove a tick:


8:15- Dads Doing Housework Is a Boon to Daughters

Fathers who vacuum the living room, wash clothes and cook meals are apparently doing their daughters a big favor.

And it's not because the kids get to lounge around while dad does the housework.

The example fathers set for their daughters seems to motivate girls to pursue loftier career choices, according to a study by researcher Alyssa Croft from the University of British Columbia.

Croft found after studying 325 children ages seven-to-13 that "girls grow up with broader career goals in households where domestic duties are shared more equitably by parents," compared to home where moms gets stuck with most of the chores.

The shared responsibilities seem to motivate girls to study for careers in business, law and other professions that for years, women would shy away from.

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06/10/2014 8:23AM
Technology can't get rid of these things, What's a Quesarito?, Get rid of ticks!, Dads help girls
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