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Halloween Fun Facts, Pumpkin preservation, Thriller! and Please wash your hands!

Halloween Fun Facts!

We covered a lot of intel about what people do with candy for Halloween. Kids have a certain way they behave when it comes to their candy...check it:

  • 30% of kids report that they SORT their candy first when returning home with trick-or-treat loot, others:
    • Savor it (20%)
    • Share it (16%)
    • Stash it (14%)
    • Swap it (7%)

The rest of the fun facts can be found here!

More historical fun facts with a historical bent are here: use them to amaze your friends!

Do you carve a jack-o-lantern each year? After you get it all cut up and admire your work, it's hard to not to want to keep it around for a while. Well, it is a vegetable and not expected to be around forever. However, I just came across a cool "sciency" website that shows you which products preserve your pumpkin the longest. So you can gaze upon Jack's face for a few days longer.  Just so you know....Looks like the pumpkin fresh product and the regular pumpkin lasted longest.

Do you wash your hands after using a public restroom? We found a "Healthy Hand Washing Study" by Bradley Corporation. They talked to about 1,000 people and found lots of interesting tidbits. Such as...

62% of respondents admit they have simply rinsed their hands with water after using a restroom, an increase over the 2011 figure of 54%.

Top 3 Reasons For Not Washing were interesting as well...

  1. Used hand santizer instead
  2. There was no soap in the restroom
  3. No soap in the restroom
  4. No paper towels in the restroom
Read here for the whole study.

So for the 6th year in a row, people will do the "Thriller Dance" around the world at the same time. It's called "Thrill the World". Get ready for a global stomp! Thrill the World 2012 takes place on Halloween weekend. on Saturday, 27th October @ 7:00 PM GMT. (Sunday 28th in some times zones)
Thrill The World is an annual worldwide simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”  Every October, since 2006, Funky Zombies across the globe gather to synchronize their watches and dance to the greatest selling record of all time – Michael Jackson’s Thriller!
Volunteer event organizers in cities around the world organize events using the Thrill The World leaders manual and Thrill The World tool box.
Anyone can organize an event! No age requirement or experience necessary! And there is no limit to the number of events in each city! Each event raises mony for a local or not-for-profit charity of their choice.

Brush up on your moves by watching the original Thriller Video below. LOVE!
Finally- in France over the summer, they started noticing these honeybees making blue and  green colored honey. So they finally figured out the culprit. Read what M & M's had to do with it here!

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10/24/2012 6:36AM
Halloween Fun Facts, Pumpkin preservation, Thriller! and Please wash your hands!!!!!
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