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Give kids some dirt to fight allergies, Dogs appreciate treats when they worked

6:15- I don't know if I buy it but, considering I had terrible allergies as a kid and suffered a lot, I might be open to it with my own kids...should I have kids. Infants who are exposed to unsavory things like rodent and pet dander, roach allergens and household bacteria during their first year are actually less to suffer from allergies and asthma, Johns Hopkins researchers say.

A new study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology shows that being exposed to allergens before a child turns one can benefit them from allergies. To reach these findings, the researchers studied 467 inner-city infants in Boston, New York and St. Louis. They tracked their health over three years, and visited their homes to calculate the levels of a variety of allergens. They also conducted allergy tests on the children and collected bacteria from dust gathered in their homes.

The kids who lived homes with mouse and cat dander as well as cockroach droppings during their first year had lower rates of wheezing by age 3. The kids with a greater amount of bacteria in their homes were also less likely to wheeze and were less likely to have environmental allergies.

Kids who were completely free of allergies were also most likely to grow up in homes with the highest amount of allergens and bacteria in them. In contrast only 8% of kids with both allergies and asthma were exposed to the substances by the time they were 1.  Read more about it here:


6:45- Dogs Appreciate Treats (duh)... More When They Work for Them

Although dogs are man's best friend, they don't necessarily want a handout.

That, according to a study from University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden, which says that canines better appreciate a treat if they have to complete a task to receive it.

Researchers trained beagles in learning how to operate various pieces of equipment, and dogs that figured out the puzzles had a choice of rewards: food, a human who would pet it or another beagle.

Not surprisingly, the dogs picked food over the other rewards but the researchers also noted a high level of happiness when puzzles were solved, such as tails wagging and excitability.

The researchers thus concluded, "Opportunities to solve problems, make decisions, and exercise cognitive skills are important to an animal’s emotional experiences and ultimately, its welfare."

In other words, they don't mind challenges as long as it leads to a doggie treat.


7:45- I laughed so hard when I read some of these! Some of my faves are: (Heartburn, Classic Rock, Concert, Backache...clearly whoever wrote the list, knows me.)


• ‘Backache’ – Used to mean something you got after working out or lifting something heavy. Now it means something you wake up with every freaking day.
‘Being Single’ – Used to mean being the fun one who could flirt up at a storm at the bar. Now it means being the only one not posting photos of your toddler on Facebook.
• ‘Classic Rock’ – Used to mean The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and CCR. Now it means music you listened to in high school.
• ‘
Dark Circles’ – Used to mean something you’d wake up with under your eyes if you didn’t get enough sleep. Now it means something you wake up with.
‘Getting Up Early” – Used to mean waking up at 9 to ‘pregame’ before the football game. Now it means waking up at 6 to get to the farmers market early. (The good tomatoes go SO fast.)
‘Hotel’ – Used to mean a hostel or the Super 8. Now it means anywhere with a decent bed and points you can get on your credit card.
• ‘Late’ – Used to mean 3-4 am. Now it means anytime past 11 pm.
• ‘Metabolism’ – Used to mean a blessing that lets you eat and drink whatever you want. Now it means a sluggish curse that sends every slice of pizza directly to your thighs.
• ‘Passed Out’ – Used to mean an alcohol-induced coma. Now it means crashing on your bed from exhaustion while still wearing your work clothes.
• ‘Sunscreen’ – Used to mean SPF 8 you slathered on your nose before hitting the beach. Now it means marinating your entire body in SPF 60.
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Give kids some dirt to fight allergies, Dogs appreciate treats when they worked for it, Words that c
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