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Getting off the phone, Coffee myths, Gift giving ?'s answered, Incandescent bulb

6:15 I'm notoriously impatient when I'm not interested in talking on the phone...this spoke to me.
It's the holiday season; what does that mean? It means a lot of relatives and people you really don't want to talk to will call you to wish you "happy holidays". Then, they proceed to talk your ear off about things you could care less about (you know, like Aunt Edna's bunions, who in the church died, and who is going through bankruptcy). What I need are some sure fire excuses to get off the phone without being rude or obvious. You'll be surprised at some of the sneaky excuses people use to get off the phone. How do you get off the phone with people? Wanda called and said that she presses the mute button twice and makes it seem like she's getting a call from her 2nd job. Then she gets off the phone quickly. Also, she suggested calling the phone from another line to interrupt the call. Sneaky Wanda, very sneaky!


6:45 I drink coffee just about every morning. I love it but psychologically, I think I need it in the mornings. I love the warmth etc. I just drink a cup and usually never finish it. Well there are tons of myths about coffee that I read and it opened my eyes to what people believe about java. Read on...


A poll of 2,000 adults revealed nearly one in ten mistakenly believe coffee causes cancer! Interestingly, some research suggests coffee may in fact help prevent certain cancers.  The same number of people believe caffeine is the key to weight loss- another belief that lacks hard scientific proof.  The poll also revealed more than a fifth of adults think caffeine is the most dangerous substance in a cup of joe.  In reality, experts say, it’s the sugar and cream that are truly bad for your health.  Figures!

7:15 Do you ever have questions about gift giving during the holidays? I found this great article that went to the Queen of Etiquette Emily Post Etiquette 18th Edition. Sometimes you just need help figuring out what to do with gift giving with some people. Read more here. 



Start hoarding your incandescent light bulbs, because as of January 1, 2014, the government is pulling the plug.  Thanks to 2007 legislation that set minimum efficiency standards for light bulbs, traditional incandescents will soon be phased out and replaced with CFL and LED bulbs.  The looming deadline has many Americans stocking up at stores like Home Depot, whose six-month stockpile is rapidly dwindling.  But contrary to popular belief, 40- and 60-watt incandescent bulbs won’t be entirely discontinued as of January 1- manufacturers will just be forced to improve them so they draw less wattage.  Consumers will find the newer, energy-efficient bulbs take some getting used to- not only do they give off a different-colored light than traditional bulbs, but they’re also a lot more expensive.  The trade-off, of course, is that they last longer and consume less power.

Friday Toy Memory: Remember when YOU were the remote control for the TV? Yeah, the Old School TV looked a lot like this... But even older TV sets, when you turned the tv set off did this...
Remember that?

12/20/2013 8:22AM
Getting off the phone, Coffee myths, Gift giving ?'s answered, Incandescent bulbs going away
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