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Germy kitchen spots, What your java says about you, Zombies Ahhhh

6:15- I'm usually not a germaphobe but when I heard this story from USA Today about the 6 Germiest places in the kitchen, even I cringed a little. READ IT HERE. Eww. 

What your coffee choices say about you. The article sort of contradicts itself. Here's the boildown:

  • Black coffee: You’re straightforward, abrupt, dismissive and occasionally moody and quiet.
    Cappuccino: You’re obsessive and controlling.
  • Latte: You’re a neurotic people-pleaser.
  • Instant coffee: You’re laid-back (sometimes to a fault) and prone to procrastination.
  • Sweet/frozen coffee beverages: You’re socially outgoing, reckless and young at heart
Read the article here.

8:15- Dread the Undead Zombie 5K at the Martinsburg Mall.  You run, they chase you and rip off flags off your outfit. At the end there's a party. Doesn't that sound fun?

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10/02/2013 7:31AM
Germy kitchen spots, What your java says about you, Zombies Ahhhh
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