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Game Day body wash? That Van Damme!


Toy companies are sometimes criticized for separating items by gender- trucks for boys, baby dolls for girls.  But there’s another place sex-based marketing is common- the drugstore!  Researchshows men don’t want to purchase things that are strongly associated with women- like body wash.  So to tap into the male marketplace, companies like Axe and Old Spice started selling body washes specifically for dudes.  Instead of sweet-smelling soaps in flowery bottles, these guy-friendly products come in varieties like “Game Day” (although we’re not sure what “Game Day smells like…or why anyone would want to smell like that).  This way, companies are able to sell twice as much stuff per household simply by convincing men and women they can’t use the same products, even when they do the same thing.  Another great example is diet soda, which is widely considered a “girly” drink.  Dr. Pepper recently came out with the lower-cal Dr. Pepper Ten.  Ads feature a bear-battling mountain man and boast that it’s “the manliest low-calorie soda in the history of mankind.”


7:15 Thanksgivings most fattening foods!

The first thing on the list is for realz! The bacon wrapped turkey...I'm sold!

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey with Pear Cider Gravy

Tater Tots Casserole

Bacon Cheeseball

Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs

Deep-Fried Bacon-Cheddar Mashed Potatoes on a Stick

Deep-Fried Pecan Pie on a Stick

Sweet Potato Cupcake


8:15 – Jean Claude Van Damme!' Here's the rest of the story...courtesy of WTOP...another local radio station. Not gonna lie where I got it from.

Watch it here if you haven't already seen it.

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11/19/2013 10:09AM
Game Day body wash? That Van Damme!
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