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Galileo Vierira from Microsoft with tax tips and apps, I'm Old, French people ha

6:15 This was so good, I decided to run it again. Galieo Vieira Senior Product Marketing Manager, Windows Store Microsoft Corp. He stopped by to chat about several apps that can help you with your taxes and to get your financial house in order. Here is the audio of the interview:



Some of the apps available to make tax time less stressful:

• MyTaxRefund - Quickly check the status of your tax returns after you've filed them, and get an immediate estimate of when you can expect your refund, without even having to be a TurboTax customer!

Bing Finance – Bing Finance helps you stay on top of fast-changing market conditions so you can make the most informed financial decisions. Bing Finance puts your portfolio at your fingertips. Personal Finance – Mint provides real-time updates on financial accounts, bill reminders and personalized money advice directly on the Start screen, anywhere, anytime.

Billminder - Billminder is a minimalist and elegant solution for controlling your expenses. With innovative infographic style display you can see at a glance how much you have to pay.

•  MoBu – Financial Management - MoBu allows you to manage and analyze your financial wealth and your spending and savings. At a glance, MoBu offers different views of your financial assets and allows you to simulate the future, such as obtaining a new loan or a new job.

Yahoo! Finance - The Yahoo! Finance app brings to you a combination of market and stock information, financial news hot off the press and access to your investment portfolios in an aesthetically pleasing package, including Watchlists and Portfolios, latest news and interactive charts.

• Sigfig Portfolio - SigFig is the best free way to manage the most important part of your personal finances: your investments. Sync with your investment accounts and track all your stocks, funds, 401ks, and IRAs in real-time, in one secure personal finance app.

TaxCaster - Use an estimate from TaxCaster to get a quick read on your taxes before you prepare your tax return, adjust your paycheck withholdings so you take home more money, or plan ahead so you pay less tax.

Spending Tracker - By tracking your spending you will be able to stick to a budget and therefore save money.

Office Calculator - Office Calculator is an app designed to optimize office and business tasks. Tax, business and currency conversion functions make this calculator a must have in the office, for working at home or when on the go.


6:45 I'm old. I'm old. I waited for months to see the new Mad Men. I got home at 9:30 last night and ….fell asleep. Old.
So in the middle of the night, I wake up having a hot flash. And I can't sleep. So I turn on the TV and I notice last night was the MTV Movie Awards. I didn't recognize many of the presenters, commentators, and people involved in the show. As I wastched Zac Efrron won the best shirtless actor in a movie award (why don't they have that in the Oscars?). So he wins and the woman that presented the award, runs onto the stage and rips his shirt open.. He looked really good. And he went ahead and ripped it completely off. It was niiiiice. However, I felt a little gross looking at this hot kid. Thinking, Ewww. I'm a creepy coougar.


7:15- Let's be like France in this respect!,2817,2456348,00.asp OFF THE CLOCK

Oh la la!  Trade unions in France have negotiated a policy that prohibits work emails after 6 pm.  This means employees can’t be punished if they don’t respond to work-related communication after 6.  Unlike America, which is known for overworked employees who never unplug (even when they’re on vacation), workers in France already have a reputation for being a bit more laid-back. Maybe we should follow their lead!


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04/14/2014 11:54AM
Galileo Vierira from Microsoft with tax tips and apps, I'm Old, French people have now made a policy
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