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Funny Teacher Stories, Yawns are contagious, Top 100 Guitar Riffs, Don't Live in

6:15 Teaching stories. Now that we're back in school, teachers have all kinds of funny stories of things that happen in their classes.  Some of these are NSFW/ you're getting an exclusive here!

Some of these are brutal:

"I had a phantom pooer in nursery for a while. Three Fridays in a row a child would curl one out on the floor in the nursery toilet. The next Friday I camped outside the door most of the day and it didn’t happen. I never found out who it was…"

Here are a couple of other funny ones:


6:45 OPEN UP!

A friend’s yawn is more catching than a stranger’s. Why? Scientists from universities in Pisa, Parma, and Rome have found that the ‘catching yawn’ is caused by a need to understand the feelings of others. The study suggests that contagious yawns are a sign of deep empathy, an emotional bridge that enhances social bonding. The biologists believe contagious yawns are caused by an involuntary re-enactment of the facial expression seen in others. They think ‘mirror neurons’ in the brain fire when certain expressions are seen in other people, prompting us to instinctively copy them. The new research suggests that this ‘mirror system’ is strongest between people who are emotionally attached, enhanced by shared memories. (Whatever, cover your mouth, pal. We don’t wanna see your spit-strings.) That's just nutty!

7:15 BBC2 Radio asks listeners to choose the top 100 best guitar riffs of all time:


A BBC Radio 2 poll, published Monday, has revealed which are the nation's favorite guitar riffs, according to its listeners. Not a lot of surprises there.... did anyone expect anything other than Led Zeppelin to come out on top?

Radio 2 listener's have chosen the Top 10 Best Guitar Riffs of All Time, from a list of 100 of songs selected by a panel of experts, including BBC DJs, music critics and producers. Jimmy Page's powerful intro for Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love',  their big 1969 hit, was voted the #1 best ever guitar riff.  

Here are some of the finalists from you agree?

Too Bad they didn't put this one in the Top 10, I’d be all over that! (MMMM Yummy Lenny)


8:15 Don't live in the past at work:


At work, are you ruminator or a forward thinker? (I am!)

As researchers from Florida State University and University of Arkansas point out, one is better than the other and it doesn’t really take much thought to guess the right answer.

In their survey of 600 white and blue collar workers, about two in ten could be considered ruminators while 40 percent fell in the other category. The rest of the respondents were a combination of both.

The drawbacks of being a ruminator, that is, someone who fixates on past transgressions, were pretty clear. Many complained of high stress levels, sleeping difficulties, strained relations with others and feeling isolated, alone or even depressed at work.

According to the researchers, ruminators need to let go of the past before they start thinking forward. Several suggested methods include allowing themselves a set amount of time to go over the day's events while associating themselves with forward-thinkers. They’re also advised to take whatever positive thing they can from an interaction and build upon it.


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08/28/2014 9:09AM
Funny Teacher Stories, Yawns are contagious, Top 100 Guitar Riffs, Don't Live in the past at work
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