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Flapjacks and more!

I have always said my 2 favorite breakfast foods are pancakes and bacon. I wish I could have been there to witness this fun. Over 900 students in England set a new Guiness World Record for flipping flapjacks yesterday.  Read here for the whole story!

Have you put on a few lb's after getting in a relationship? I have noticed that happening with my friends. A new study explains why. The study says, "A meaningful relationship can add plenty to your life -- including weight. A whopping 90 percent of women gain weight when they settle down with a long-term partner, a new survey finds. The average woman puts on 16 pounds -- most of which begins to creep on just four to six months into a relationship. Why? One in five women admit they start to worry less about their appearance once they become comfortable with their partner. Not surprisingly, many also blame an increase in cozy nights in and indulgent dinners out." Read more about here.

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02/16/2012 7:43AM
Flapjacks and more!
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