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Fix up that Resume! We Choose Our Parents, Most Used Words, Eye Contact,

6:15- 6 Resume flawas and how to avoid them. I've had some friends recently ask me to look over their resume'. I say, the more eyes on it the better. Here are some tips from experts. Especially helpful for those of us who are changing careers or have gaps in employment. Good stuff.


6:45- It all comes back to your parents- Apparently, A new Finnish study that looked at the facial features of a person’s spouse has found that men tend to marry women who look like their mothers, while women often marry men who resemble their fathers.



Believe it or not, 2013 is drawing to a close.  In light of that, Global Language Monitor (GLM) has compiled its annual list of the most-used words and phrases of the year.  GLM uses special technology to track word usage on social networks, blogs and various publications.  To make the list, words and phrases must appear in various forms of media worldwide and have a minimum of 25,000 citations.  This year’s list has a remarkably negative theme, and features terms that represent such major events as the government shutdown, the Boston Marathon bombing, the conflict in Syria and the ObamaCare debacle.  Check out the top 10 words, phrases and names of 2013!


1.     404

2.     Fail.

3.     Hashtag

4.     @Pontifex

5.     The Optic

6.     Surveillance

7.     Drones

8.     Deficit

9.     Sequestration

10.  Emancipate


1.     Toxic Politics

2.     Federal Shutdown

3.     Global Warming/Climate Change

4.     Federal Deficit

5.     Tread Lightly

6.     Boston Strong

7.     Marathon Bombing

8.     Chemical Weapons

9.     All Time High

10.  Rogue nukes


1.     Pope Francis

2.     ObamaCare

3.     NSA

4.     Ed Snowden

5.     Kate Middleton

6.     IRS

7.     Ted Cruz

8.     Chris Christie

9.     Tea Party

10.  Marathon Bombers


8:15-Eye contact may backfire on ya!
A study found that, contrary to popular belief, eye contact may actually make you less persuasive.  In fact, looking people in the eye could potentially have the opposite effect, making the listener less receptive to your message.  Experts say that eye contact is often associated with intimidation and dominance, and can come across as aggressive.

Personally, I believe that we have become so used to using technology to interact that we aren't used to looking people in the eye anymore. So we avoid it and it doesn't feel as natural as it used to. What do you think?


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11/13/2013 8:33AM
Fix up that Resume! We Choose Our Parents, Most Used Words, Eye Contact,
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