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Finally getting to the 3 second rule!

Have you ever dropped some food on the floor then picked it up and eaten it claiming the "3 second rule"  in some circles it's been called the "5 second rule". At any rate, there is a Wikipedia page about it....naturally.  What made me think of all this is that I saw a story about it on ABC News in the wee hours of the morning last week.  Check out the video below or click this link.

Where Do You Stash Your Cash?

A new Marist poll asked Americans: Where do you stash your cash. The No. 1 place, at 27%, was the freezer. So where do the rest of us hide our cash at home?

  • 19% said in their sock.
  • 17% said there’s no good place to keep their cash inside the home.
  • 11% stash their cash under the mattress.
  • 10% keep their cash in the cookie jar.

05/09/2012 5:39AM
Finally getting to the 3 second rule!
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