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Expensive Coffee, Talented Families, Presidential Debate Drinking Games

Happy Thursday y'all!

Do you love your morning coffee? Hans and I just wouldn't be the same without our coffee in the morning. I'm a person who wouldn't never spend more than a few bucks on coffee. These guys just developed something you might want to know about...

_ Get ready to rethink the way you brew coffee -- and the cost of it. A team of engineers who worked previously at Apple and at NASA designed the $11,000 The Blossom One Limited coffeemaker that brews coffee at just the right temperature. It's intended for commercial use in cafes and restaurants.  Looks kind of cool doesn't it?

Still doesn't increase the amount I'd spend for coffee...I'm cheap!

So we got started on this random musical family discussion this morning. I don't even remember how we started but we discovered there are a number of musical families that we all know and love such as: Hanson, Jacksons, Osmonds, Jets etc.
Take a listen to how our little stream of consciousness took us completely off track!

DId you watch the 1st of 3 Presidential Debates last night? We did but more importantly, we decided to focus on the drinking games that people thought up. The idea is that you have rules and you drink while watching the candidates try to get your vote. Here are two that we found.

Game 1  

Game 2

In our attempt to amuse ourselves, we watched a video of absolutely GROSS proportions. Epic Meal is a video series with a bunch of dudes who take food and cook it to extremes. Usually with lots of bacon, cheese, sauces, and booze. Watch at your own risk as they make an epic fast food lasagne meal from burgers (45 of them), bacon, meat sauce and more! Ew.


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10/04/2012 12:48PM
Expensive Coffee, Talented Families, Presidential Debate Drinking Games
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