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Edible Mist?, Don't wash your jeans?, 8 of your numbers that thieves want,

6:15 Edible Mist Machine -- Great Taste, Less Filling. I'd be all over this if I could afford it. Give me the bacon mist please. Thanks.

Click here to read all about it:

Like an e-cig for food, the minds at Lick Me Delicious have created a gadget that emits an "edible" fog that allows straw-wielding users to "sip" in tastes like bacon and lobster without any of the guilt of actually eating it.

The U.K. based foodie inventors say the spacey-looking machine can emit 200 different "delicious" flavored vapors, that can be indulged with no calories.

Company founder Charlie Harry says the device can also reproduce just about any flavor a user may favor, from hundreds of foods to the cozy smell of old books. The Bristol-based company, which is also behind the recent headline-grabbing Viagra ice cream, is reportedly selling the Edible Mist Machine for a decidedly hard to swallow 8,400 bucks, but is also making it available for rental at parties.

Here's the commercial for it: 

7:15 Don't wash your jeans...(according to the CEO of Levi Strauss) even if they walk to the washing machine and stand upright waiting for you to do so. Ha! It Sounds Gross But Levi's Are Best Left Unwashed (read more here:

If you feel the need to throw your jeans into the washing machine after every wear, you may be doing it all wrong.

According to the man behind the jeans Americans have been wearing for the past 141 years -- Levi’s 501s -- you do not need to wash your jeans as often as you think you do, if ever.

These jeans are maybe a year old and these have yet to see a washing machine,” the CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., Chip Bergh, said, referring to the jeans he was wearing during an interview at Fortune magazine’s Brainstorm Green conference in California.

Despite the potential “ick” factor, Bergh went on to explain that keeping your jeans out of the laundry will help keep their shape and color. “If you talk to real denim aficionados, they tell you don’t wash your blue jeans,” Bergh said.

So how do you keep your jeans fresh without the help of laundry detergent? Experts recommend eliminating odor by spritzing jeans with white vinegar or vodka and hanging them out to air dry.

Another option is to freeze your jeans once per month to kill off the smell caused by bacteria. The freezing option entails turning your jeans inside out and then freezing them either overnight or for two days at a time.


8:15-- Identity theft is a thing. It's real. It happened to a friend of mine. She got a call from the bank telling her that they were suspending her debit card # because it was being used in Indiana. Here are the 8 numbers that crooks want from you so be ca reful!!!!!

  1. Phone number

  2. Dates/Zip Code

  3. Pin Codes

  4. Social Security #

  5. Bank Acct

  6. IP Address

  7. Driver's Licence and passport

  8. Health Insurance Account Numbers

Read the story here:

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06/02/2014 9:35AM
Edible Mist?, Don't wash your jeans?, 8 of your numbers that thieves want,
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