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Don't slip on the ice--walk like a penguin, Sheriff cancels VD, Baggage Claim mo

6:15- Walk like a penguin to avoid falling on the ice. From Lifehacker. It's really all where you put your weight.



Georgia’s not getting any love this Valentine’s Day. According to Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry, today’s holiday has been canceled in northern Georgia. He proclaimed the area a “NO VALENTINE’S DAY ZONE.” On the police department’s Facebook page, he wrote that men are "exempt from having to run out and buy lottery scratchers and Hershey bars from the corner stores until February 18, 2014, due to ice, snow, freezing rain.” The post is, of course, tongue-in-cheek. Though many women responded with cries of “No excuses!”

 7:15 Baggage Claim Interview with Jennifer Lewis and David E Talbert. Find out info about the movie here: Also, you can hear the full interview here.  


Ways to spend valentines day alone

What to do on this designated day to shower love, when you're single?

Check out these 7 delightful ways to beat the Valentine's Day Blues!

1.   Go out with a friend and make fun of other couples: Yes! Go on an absolutely platonic with a friend, have a good time at a bar or restaurant and laugh at other couples who are too much into each other (publicly!).

2.   Share the love - volunteer: Valentine's Day is all about showing others how much you love them. Why not share the feeling with the ones who really need it on that day. Contact the local senior homes or orphanages and volunteer.

3.   Make it the "Spa Day": Valentine's Day is also about loving oneself. Get a spa appointment and pamper yourself. A good message is great on any given day.

4.    Organise a grand party: Invite your friends and loved ones and have a gala time. Sing karaoke, eat junk food, drink wine and have a good time on Valentine's Day.

5.   Go travel, see new places: You don't have to be with someone to have a great Valentine's Day, book your tickets and travel. See a new beach or maybe explore a new city. Eat the local cuisine.

6.   Meet new people: When you travel, you meet a lot of people and some of them can be very interesting. Talk to them. Talk about your hobbies. Listen to what they have to say about the city or about the day (Valentines).

7.   Go out on date with yourself: Go out and treat yourself. After that splendid spa session, you can go to a nice restaurant and eat food. You can get all dressed up for the day, buy flowers and have a great time.

Valentine's Day is much more than cheesy couple making out in restaurants or bars, it is about sharing the love. 



Friday Toy Memory: Old Skool Valentine's. Remember these? You'd pick up a pack of 30 and treat the whole class to your chicken scratch. It usually said something like "Joey, I like you. Happy Valentines Day".--Rona Ha!

Like these:

or these



Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and the results of a new survey on romance arrive just in time. The poll asked 1,000 married couples about the keys to romance…so listen up and take notes. The ingredients for a happy relationship include…


-Kissing 10 times per week

-Saying “I love you” 10 times a week

-Sex three times a week

-Three date nights a month

-Ten deep and meaningful conversations a month

-Three arguments a month

-Two vacations (together) a year

-Three shared hobbies or interests

And according to a separate study, another path to romantic bliss is going on double dates. Research shows couples who go out with other couples feel better about their own relationships afterwards.

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Don't slip on the ice--walk like a penguin, Sheriff cancels VD, Baggage Claim movie, Ways to Spend V
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