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Dogs expect gourmet, We get more casual as the week wears on, Quit Over-sharing


You already treat your pet like a human, so don’t be surprised when it starts acting like one.  A study found dogs are actually pretty picky when it comes to food.  In fact, at mealtime, it’s all about quality over quantity- researchers found that when presented with a choice of a larger meal or a smaller, better treat, dogs are capable of a) knowing the difference and b) opting for the better food.  Previously, this ability has only been witnessed in humans and monkeys.




It seems the best cure for a case of the Mondays is a sharp outfit.  A survey revealed nearly three quarters of female professionals choose more formal outfits at the start of the week.  But as the week goes on, fewer women get dressed up for work.  By Tuesday, more than 30% of women admit to spending less time and effort on their hair and makeup.  And by Wednesday, 65% of women have swapped their high heels for flats.  The downward pattern breaks on Thursdays, with 70% rocking a stylish ensemble- probably because it’s a popular night for after-work drinks.  More than 30% of women take the term “casual Fridays” seriously, wearing jeans at the end of the week.




5 ways that oversharing on social media can lead to identity theft! I mentioned my friend Joey, who puts his home address on social media, checks in to all kinds of places, and leaves the location on every place he goes. He never thinks about the fact that he's establishing a routine online, creating a log of when he is home or not home, and so much more. I had my opinion validated by this article from ABCNEWS.COM


They invited a guy to try and hack into their personal know what he found? It was easy to do simply from info that was posted on social media. This is how they hacked into his account. Cray. Here are the 5 things to stop doing:


  • 1. Geolocation Tags on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

  • 2. Posting a Picture of Your Financial or Personal Data...You'd think this was obvious, but

  • 3. Opening Your Home and Car to Strangers with Sites like Airbnb, Airpnp (for bathroom-sharing -- how can you not love this?!) or Lyft. They encourage people to make money off their existing physical assets -- cars, extra rooms or conveniently-located bathrooms. But they can also engender a false sense of security

  • 4. Checking In Everywhere

  • 5. Happy Birthday to Me!





Spoiler alert! The Good Wife killed off a major character during Sunday night’s episode, outraging fans and prompting a letter of explanation from the show’s creators. In the shocking episode, a character opened fire in the courtroom, killing Will Gardner (Josh Charles). Creators Robert and Michelle King wrote in an open letter to fans that Charles decided over a year ago to move on to other endeavors, leaving them with a major decision to make about the fate of his character. Ultimately, they decided that the “brutal honesty and reality of death speaks to the truth and tragedy of bad timing” between Will and Alicia (Julianna Margulies). “Will’s death propels Alicia into her newest incarnation,” they said. It remains to be seen whether their words are enough to help fans get over their grief.


8:15 If you have a cat, you understand cat behavior (sometimes it defies logic). This is hilarious...little jerks!



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Dogs expect gourmet, We get more casual as the week wears on, Quit Over-sharing online! Good Wife wr
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