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Do you know what Vocal Fryyyyy iiiiisssssss?, Life Hacks for dogs, You ate what?

6:15 - Do you know what Vocal Fry is?

Women Job Seekers Should Say Bye-Bye to Vocal Fry


Vocal fry, a guttural-vibration adopted by many young females, might have been cool at one time but it also may be a big turn-off to employers, a new study reveals.

Researchers at the Duke University Fuqua School of Business say the impression hiring managers get when a female applicant comes in speaking in low, creaky vibrations, or vocal fry, is that she's less competent and less educated than a male candidate speaking normally.

Fuqua professor Mohan Venkatachalam says, "In a standard interview setting, gut instinct plays a large role in whether a candidate is hired. Vocal fry could sway that judgment against a candidate."

In an experiment, 800 men and women listened to either seven male voices or seven female voices that switched on and off from a normal voice and vocal fry.

Time and time again, the participants were mostly annoyed whenever they heard vocal fry,

Since millennials are having a harder time than in recent years finding work, Venkatachalam's strong advice to women is that they should check their vocal fry at the door when seeking a job.



7:15- Life hacks for Dogs

✓ Sometimes your owner will make the motion of throwing a tennis ball but will not have actually thrown anything. Still chase after the non-existent ball. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll find an old ball around the area anyway.
✓ Just bark a whole bunch for no reason. People will pet you and give you real bacon from that box that says Beggin’ Strips on it.
✓ Tired of your regular water bowl? The humans have an infinite water bowl that they call ‘the toilet’. Be warned though: Once you’ve tried it it’ll be hard to go back to water that’s ‘unflavored’.
✓ When it’s thundering outside, hide under a table or bed and bark a bunch. This is 100% guaranteed to scare the thunder away within 1 minute-to-8 hours.
✓ Bury your treats in the backyard. That way when you want to eat them later they’ll have that ‘dirt and grass tang’ that we all want in our food.
✓ When your owner is rubbing your belly and asking “Who’s a good dog?” do NOT puke on the rug or bite them for no reason. If you refrain from these natural impulses they’ll say, “You are!”
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8:15- In the category of: I can't believe I ate the whole thing!


Wholly Cow: Woman Eats Nine Pounds of Steak in Under 15 Minutes A 5-foot-7, 125-pound Nebraska woman has set a record, scarfing down a 72-ounce steak in four minutes and 58 seconds. According to the Big Texan Steak Ranch's Twitter page, not only did Molley Schuyler earn a free 72-dollar steak for her gastronomic feat -- which also included eating a baked potato, shrimp, side salad and a roll, as per the Amarillo, Texas, restaurant's rules -- but she reportedly doubled it by doing it all again moments later because she was still hungry.

The second four-and-a-half-pound steak and sides took a little longer; nearly 10 minutes.

Schuyler's finish at the Big Texan even topped that of current Nathan's Hot Dog eating world champ Joey Chestnut.


In January, Schuyler set another record -- and took home a 22-thousand dollar purse -- after she scarfed down 363 wings in 30 minutes at a competition in Philadelphia.


See her in action here:


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06/03/2014 11:45AM
Do you know what Vocal Fryyyyy iiiiisssssss?, Life Hacks for dogs, You ate what?
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