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Day after icy Sunday...a lil somethin somethin about international table manners

6;15 Women on Wheels 

They’re the queens of the road!  Women are spending more money on cars these days.  And now that the economy is bouncing back, they’re springing for nicer rides with more bells and whistles.  Of course, four wheels aren’t for everyone.  According to a Harley-Davidson poll, it’s no wonder many women are motorcycle fanatics- female riders report feeling happier, sexier, less stressed and more confident than their non-riding counterparts.  They also say they experience improved communication and physical intimacy with their significant others.

7:15 Table manners from all over the world

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Growing up, our mothers reminded us not to put our elbows on the table, to put our napkins in our laps, and to chew with our mouths closed until one day, good table manners became engrained in us.

Just as we in the U.S. practice a standard etiquette for dining, so do people in countries around the world. Our table manners may differ from others' manners, depending on where in the world they are. 

In countries all over the world — from Afghanistan, where bread that is dropped on the floor is lifted and kissed in reverence, to Thailand, where forks are generally only used to push food into a spoon — polite table manners differ. To show how they vary from culture to culture, we’ve rounded up table manners from around the world.

01/07/2014 10:09AM
Day after icy Sunday...a lil somethin somethin about international table manners and women and their
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