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Day after Halloween!

Let's have some good news shall we? These two guys just decided to start hiding $20 bills all around their  town. Too bad their town isn't in the Eastern Panhandle! :(. Still a good story though.  Read it here!

I love candy corn! I simply love it! In fact, there is a whole thing about why there is a love/hate relationship with candy corn. Check it out here!

Speaking of Candy Corn.  There is a new "Candy Corn" Oreo Cookie...why mess with perfection. But since I love candy corn so much, I'm thinking about trying them. I think Hans and I need to do another  in-studio taste test! Here's one review I read...haters. :)

We  thought this was so appropes (slang for appropriate) since it's the day after Halloween...

What to say when you’re slow on Monday… Gosh, if only my morning cereal had more sugar in it, I wouldn’t need this third cup of coffee. The days of artificial morning cereal energy are coming to an end, now that Nestle has decided to cut sugar and salt in kids breakfast cereals it sells outside of North America. Healthy is in. According to Reuters, the cereals will be  “reformulated” to boost wholegrains, calcium, and cut down on sugar and salt. In other words, a Cheerio will now just be a sad multi-grain hole crying Oooooo. Read more here!


11/01/2012 8:03AM
Day after Halloween!
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