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Whew, crazy rains, Weird Food Rules, Things that will always happen when you vis

6:15 Anyone else get stuck in that crazy rain last night? Whew! I had something else I wanted to talk about but, I didn't sleep much so I rambled about this: Told the story of getting stuck in the very heavy rain storm and my friends (Tad and Gene) coming around the corner in their mini van and giving me a ride home.


7:15 Weird food rules. I told the story of my friend this weekend who got weirded out because I put cole slaw on my pulled pork bbq sandwich. She said under NO circumstances do cold foods and warm foods touch. EVER. 

I looked online and found some other weird food rules people have: Weird Food rules

  • Food that can't touch

  • Won't eat food on the bones

  • Won't eat orange food?

It seems a bit strange but I have certain rules that apply to what I eat and even how I eat it! Here's just a few examples... 

 1. I always save the best thing on my plate until last.

2. I don't like to mix the different things on my plate, they have to stay separate. (Even spaghetti bolognese, I keep the meat/sauce part separate from the pasta!)

3. Certain meals, like fish and chips, I eat on a melamine plate instead of a ceramic one.

4. Fruit in savoury dishes is a definite no-go.

5. I ALWAYS save room for dessert! 

 There's more too but I'll leave it at that...

Is this just weird or do other people do this sort of thing too? Do you or anyone in your family have any similar 'food rules'?


8:15 I told this from my perspective but let's be honest, no matter what, someone will be playing “Marco Polo” at the pool. Right?



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07/14/2014 10:23AM
Whew, crazy rains, Weird Food Rules, Things that will always happen when you visit the pool.
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