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Christmas in June, Michael Jackson, Vain placesYou?re So Vain Tampa, Florida,

It's Christmas in June!

Today when I was driving into work, I put the radio on scan and heard this  station playing Christmas music. I couldn't figure out why until I thought about the date. Today is June 25th...meaning we are exactly 6 months away from Christmas. Well if you're super anal, you knew that and you have already begun your Christmas shopping.

Also today marks three years since the passing of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. That said, I was looking for tributes to the King of Pop and found this really interesting art project this guy has created. You can be a part of it and it's free!  Check it out!  Here's a video about it too.

Have you ever been called vain? I am. I take an awful lot of pictures of myself on my cell phone. It's kind of embarrassing when I go to show someone a picture on my cell phone and I have to wade through pics of myself. :(.  Anyhoo, Men's Health Magazine ranked the most vain places.  Here are the most and least vain.

You’re So Vain

Tampa, Florida, is home to the vainest people in America, while the citizens of Des Moines, Iowa, are the least concerned with appearances, according to Men’s Health. To determine the rankings, Men’s Health added up each city’s percentage of Botox users, folks who go for hair coloring, and people who will spend anything to look younger. At-home teeth whiteners, shapewear as well as per-capita rates of cosmetic procedures, cosmetic dentists, plastic surgeons and tanning salons were also tallied up. The 10 Most Vain and 10 Least Vain cities are:


Most Vain Least Vain
1. Tampa, FL 91. Memphis, TN
2. Plano, TX 92. Toledo, OH
3. Atlanta, GA 93. Detroit, MI
4. Las Vegas, NV 94. Burlington, VT
5. Dallas, TX 95. Fort Wayne, IN
6. Pittsburgh, PA 96. Kansas City, MO
7. Houston, TX 97. Fargo, ND
8. Miami, FL 98. Sioux Falls, SD
9. San Francisco, CA 99. Lincoln, NE
10. Providence, RI 100. Des Moines, IA

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06/25/2012 7:37AM
Christmas in June, Michael Jackson, Vain placesYou’re So Vain Tampa, Florida, is home to the vain
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