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Chores? Dark Knight Rises, Toy Memory and so much more

So there are gonna be a lot of groggy people in your office today because last night was the midnight showing of  "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises". I know for one, our Chad the Intern (see pic to the left) bought tickets weeks in advance and has been waiting for this movie for 2 years! Did you go? Did you check out theire really cool website for the movie? Here it is if you missed it.

This is message from me and does not reflect that of Prettyman Broadcasting...

I can't go on with the blog without mentioning the sad incident that happened in the movie theater in Colorado. I am so saddened to read and hear the reports of the 14 people that were killed and many others injured when they went to see this movie. I never understand these senseless killings or the mind of people who carry out these acts. I don't think I have words. Just makes me sad.

...back to the blog

Do you get your kids to do chores? Here's a great site you'll want to know about... provides a free online tool for parents to organize and centralize their children’s chores. This includes complete money management for the child with goals of education about saving, spending, and donating their earnings. With a free ChorePay account, you and your family create profiles, set up chores, and assign them a cash value. Once a child has completed the chore, money moves from your profile to theirs. They can save for a rainy day, make purchases in the site’s marketplace or become young philanthropists and donate to charity.

I had a random rambling about sleep. It was inspired by the little blurb that I read below. What you need to know about me is that I don't get enough sleep. Nuff said.  Below is "said blurb".

You Snooze You Win


Nearly 70% of adults say they fall asleep within 15 minutes of turning off the light; 30% say it takes them 30 minutes or more. As far as when we hit the sack, 54% say they are in bed between 10 p.m. and midnight; 24% are in between the sheets after midnight; and 22% say they hit the bed before 10 p.m.

Friday Toy Memory- is not a toy at all. It's a TV Show. Do you remember The Greatest American Hero? Here's the theme song video. Also, a bonus is that our very own John Tesh's wife (she wasn't his wife at the time) also starred in this fun 80's show! Here's the wikipedia page.

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07/20/2012 6:54AM
Chores? Dark Knight Rises, Toy Memory and so much more
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