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Cheap Art Score, Online hot spots, We make holes in teeth!

First off I have to say that when Hans Fogle and I get together, it's like a meeting of the most distractable minds EVER!!!! It's what makes us lovable. :) 

That said, somehow or another, we got into discussing the Cavity Creeps. Remember them? If not, here's the commercial. Say it with me "We Make Holes in Teeth, We Make Holes In Teeth"

We also discussed another childhood memory..."The Soggies". The antagonists who were out to ruin Cap'n Crunch cereal!

Now for the rest of the show...
Today on the show. We talked about the local person who bought a Renior painting  (pictured at left) amongst a box of other stuff at a yard sale in Harpers Ferry. She had no idea that it was the best 7 bucks she had ever spent!  Other items included in the box of stuff was a a plastic cow, and a Paul Bunyan doll. Apparently the painting had been stolen from the Baltimore Museum of Art in 1951. Here's a link to the story.

 Similarly, there was this story... A Concord, North Carolina, woman who bought a painting for $10 at a Goodwill store said the artwork fetched $34,375 at a New York auction. Beth Feeback said she bought the painting, Ilya Bolotowsky’s “Vertical Diamonds,” because she planned to paint over it with her own art, but a friend encouraged her to look up the name of the artist on the back of the painting and have it appraised by experts. The painting sold for $34,375 at Sotheby’s New York, meaning Feeback will receive $27,000. She said the money will go toward paying off debts and improving her home. Here's the picture (right) of what she found (looks kind of cheesy to me but hey, if it gets you over $20k, GO FOR IT!!!

I know when I get to work each day, I open up a slew of tabs. I start with work e-mail, gmail, facebook, our station's site etc. Well the Neilsen people decided to poll where people spend most of their time online. Hans and I were very surprised to find that AOL had a spot on the list. Huffington Post has to do with them I think so that would make sense. Here's the story and the list below.

Nielsen says last month, more Americans than ever had Internet access – an estimated 278 million Americans.

That’s over 88.4% of Americans, based on the census total population clock.
215 million of them (68.4% of the population) were active online, spending an average of 29 hours browsing. Where do they usually go? Nielsen says the Top 10 Web Brands are:

Brand     Unique Audience     Time per Person (hh:mm:ss)
1. Google     176,100,000     1:51:08
2. Facebook     158,123,000     6:53:46
3. Yahoo!     142,676,000     2:21:40
4. YouTube     132,676,000     1:54:10
5. MSN/WindowsLive/Bing     131,263,000     1:15:19
6. Microsoft     90,958,000     0:43:33
7. AOL Media Network     88,803,000     2:11:48 (are they still around?)
8. Amazon     81,034,000     0:33:43
9. Wikipedia     75,729,000     0:19:44
10. Ask Search Network     73,570,000     0:10:31

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10/09/2012 12:12PM
Cheap Art Score, Online hot spots, We make holes in teeth!
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