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Cell phone woes...I miss my friend!, Secret to happy marriage? New Parking Space

6:15 I talked about my cell phone again. This time, it was about how I feel completely out of sorts without my phone. I asked people to call me and let me know if they feel like they are sort of “not right” when they lose their phones. Tammy called to say “it's not right”. I agree Tammy!

6:45 What’s the secret to a long, happy marriage? Is it Housecleaning ?

It might be found in that old adage, “Share and share alike.” At least, when it pertains to doing the housework.

University of Illinois professor Brian G. Ogolsky, an expert on family studies, says that if couples equally share cleaning duties, their chances at marital satisfaction are excellent. However, once a partner starts to slack off, you can expect trouble.

In studying the various beliefs and behaviors of more than 200 heterosexual married couples, Ogolsky found that women were significantly happier if their husbands shared their attitudes about dividing household chores, although the same wasn’t true the other way around.

Just the same, people who are about to enter into matrimony should establish ground rules about household labor before they tie to knot, according to Ogolsky. He says that once bad patterns become cemented within two years of the union, they can eventually lead to frequents conflicts and marital discord.

Becky called and said her husband does MOST of the housework...does he have a brother?

7:15 A new app is looking to alleviate the blood boiling process of finding a parking space by allowing drivers to pay other motorists for their spots. 

MonkeyParking uses a GPS-enabled map -- along with an auction system to see how much a driver is willing to pay -- to hook up drivers with others' coveted, car-length plots of real estate.

So far, the app is in the testing phase, and up and running in only two cities: parking poor San Francisco and Rome.


8:15 Did you know Berkeley Senior Services is doing a Mystery Dinner Theater with H.S. Reunion (1984) theme? So, Hans Fogle and Pam Neeley are both participating. I can't wait to hear how they do! Get details about this fun even that will benefit Berkeley Senior Services on our website: and click Community Connection


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05/14/2014 11:13AM
Cell phone woes...I miss my friend!, Secret to happy marriage? New Parking Space App, Berkeley Senio
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