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What's your favorite smell?, If you have an unusual name--you'll get this!, Reas

6:15 Scientists have identified 10 different smells.,0,893244.story

What are you favorite smells? I'm a big fan of roses. Also, I like vanilla. I had a caller tel me that she loves roses too. She also said that she loves the smell of turkey in the oven...and then the line went dead. (BTW, that was just one of the strange happenings this this place haunted?)

The result was a list of 10 key odor categories:

  • fragrant,

  • woody/resinous,

  • minty/peppermint,

  • sweet,

  • chemical,

  • popcorn,

  • lemon,

  • fruity (non-citrus),

  • pungent and

  • decayed.

  • What's your favorite smell?


6:45 If you have a name that is slightly out of the ordinary, you can probably relate to this! My name is Rona. You would not believe the spellings and pronunciations that I get. Whether it's Rhona, Rhonna, Rhonda, Ronahh, Roma etc, my name gets botched. This buzzfeed post completely hit a funny nerve with me!

Some of my favorites from the list are:

6. When giving your name, you just automatically spell it out of habbit.

3. You still get birthday cards from your extended family with your name spelled wrong.

12. People actally question if you have misspelled your own name.

7:15 There was a recent study that said 40% of people are NOT engaged in their jobs. They don't love their work. Wow. That's kinda staggering when you think of it. This post from says that the people who ARE happy with their jobs have a few thing in common. They usually like the culture of their work, they like the people, and they like the autonomy. Read the full article here:

02/19/2014 8:12AM
What's your favorite smell?, If you have an unusual name--you'll get this!, Reasons to love your job
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