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Burger King looking for people who have NEVER had a burger, Assault with toast


PEOPLE TRY A BURGER FOR THE FIRST TIME _ Burger King decided to try to find people around the world who have never been exposed to advertising from either Burger King or McDonalds to see which burger they liked better. In fact, in the viral video -- designed to show that people prefer Burger King -- we learn that all of the real people in it have never even tried a burger before. Many of them don't even know how to eat a link


A wife in England has been accused of battering her husband with breakfast! Julie Evans, 45, allegedly attacked her husband with toast and butter during an argument over his laziness. First, she threw her toast at him. Then when he tried to leave, she grabbed a handful of butter and smeared it on his face. Her husband tried to rub some back on her and they ended up on the floor. The tussle left her hubby with a torn earlobe that required stitches, and Evans was charged with assault. She’s toast!- YIKES!

7:15 What are the ways to be truly happy? After hearing the new song “Happy” by Pharell, I decided to google it. There were over 62,800,000 results.


I like this one best:

Who knew there was a “Happiness and it's Causes conference” every year? --Austrailia.


8:15 (Finally!)... An App for parents with misbehaving kids

An app was released that helps parents deal with children who are misbehaving.

The app is called “Fake Police Call” and has kids talk to, Sgt. Friendly who is a series of pre-recorded messages giving  advice to them.

A cop in Florida came up with the idea in August when his own children were misbehaving.

The app has 14 pre-determined scenarios that parents face including kids not cleaning their room, misbehaving at a restaurant or mail and not doing homework.

If the kids follow the advice, parents can have the app call back praising their kids.

The cop gets about 100 to 200 downloads a day for the free app, and 20 downloads a day for a version of the app which costs .99 cents. Get it here:

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02/18/2014 9:58AM
Burger King looking for people who have NEVER had a burger, Assault with toast and butter, Tips fo
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