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Bridezillas, U R 92% Crap, Camel Fun facts, Multi-tasking

6:15 Why you're not invited to my wedding.

I don't want to call this woman a bridezilla or nothin but...

What happened to civility huh? Read what this woman posted on Facebook in ADVANCE of sending out her wedding invitations.=====>

I think sharing it on facebook showed her lack of class personally. What happened to the days when you just didn't get invited to someone's wedding and you sucked it up and that was that?


I think her points are well taken but I don't think she needed to put it on Facebook. It just says to me that we've gone too far in putting all of our business out there. Ugh.


6:45 WOW, YOU’RE 92% CRAP:
Only 8.2% of human DNA does something important and the rest is just ‘
junk’, according to new research. Scientists at Oxford University in the UK have found that genes make up just over 1% of our useful genetic material. The remaining 7% of important material is littered with switches that control these genes. The rest is junk DNA – an evolutionary hangover that, much like the appendix, doesn’t do any good but also doesn’t do any harm. Much of it is doing nothing at all, according to the landmark study. This is a major overhaul to thinking on the subject. It was previously estimated that 80% of our DNA was ‘functional’. (Now, about your brain …)
– “PLOS Genetic”

7:15 What day is it? Since it's Hump day, I thought I'd provide you with all these wacky Camel Fun Facts!!!  It all started with the commercial on the left. Ha! There are tons more at:


  • North America did once have its own homegrown camels! The camelops is an extinct type of camel that roamed the continent until about 10,000 years ago. Even more surprising to many people, as explained on the US National Parks Service website, "Camels originated in North America about 50 million years ago and their presence in the Old World is a recent event, geologically speaking."


  • A camel pregnancy can last between 12 and 14 months, depending on the season and the availability of food.

  • Camels can close their nostrils to keep out sand. They also have two sets of eyelashes to protect their eyes — one shorter (those set nearest to the eyes) and one longer.

  • Camels have big, flat footpads, which allow them to walk on the sand without sinking.

  • Camels are fast! They can run up to 64 kilometers (40 miles) per hour. But they are anything but graceful. They have an uncommon stride, resulting from walking by using the legs on the same side of their body at the same time (giraffes walk like this, too), which creates a swaying motion that can make riders feel seasick. Maybe it's no wonder they have the nickname "ships of the desert."


7:45 Danielle is giving away tickets to The Capitol Theatre's 6th Annual Pop A Cork for the Capitol event this Saturday August 16, 12pm-7pm. Find out more here and good luck winning tickets from Danielle!


8:15- I know “screen stack” when I watch the TV show Scandal. Who knew there was a term for it?

If you’re the kind of person who can sit through an entire TV show without sending an email, tweeting, skimming your Instagram feed, swiping through some Tinder profiles, or browsing Amazon, congratulations! You have a better than average attention span … and that makes you a little unusual. It seems that using a 2nd screen while watching TV is the new normal. A new survey finds that 48% of people worldwide are now into ‘screen-stacking’ – using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet while watching TV. It’s particularly common in Asian countries, with Japan leading the world in the practice. Fully 79% of Japanese adults report multi-device TV viewing. (How bad is TV getting when we also need other screens to keep us from getting bored?)



08/13/2014 10:21AM
Bridezillas, U R 92% Crap, Camel Fun facts, Multi-tasking
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