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Bizarre things your body does while you sleep, Find a clean restroom app, Rate

6:15 I went to sleep extra early last night, knowing that I had to wake up early today. Unfortunately, I woke up at 2 am and didn't get back to sleep for an hour. When I did sleep, it was hard, deep sleep. So my most annoying alarm was going off for an hour before I woke up (I woke up when I was supposed to be leaving by the way). I had incorporated the song into the dream. I woke up (luckily), said an expletive, and jumped out of bed. Anyway, I was thinking of how much our body does when we are asleep and happened to find this from


Here are some other bizarre things that your body does when you're asleep:



Find a clean public restroom using your cell phone and information that other people have suggested.

Clean public restrooms were hard to find. Until now. We put public restrooms on the map. Literally. So the next time you’ve got to go on the go, you’ll know where to go.

Visit SitOrSquat online to search for clean public restrooms all over the country. Rate and share the restrooms you like (sit) or note if the bathroom could be better (squat) by adding them to the map.



7:15 Would you want to know what your co-workers really think of you? A new iPhone app called Knozen could let you find out, allowing co-workers to rate each other's personalities anonymously. The app works by putting up two co-workers against each other, and then asking the user questions like, "Which person is friendlier?" or "Who is more likely to leave work early for a date?" After making a choice, the user is told how many other colleagues voted the same way, giving an evaluation of each worker's strengths and weaknesses. Users can see how they were rated too. At least seven people from an organization need to sign up for Knozen before they're allowed to start rating each other. Creator Marc Cenedella wants the app to eventually be used by businesses in the hiring process, believing that job candidates should be initially screened based on how well they'll fit into a company's culture, not just on their credentials.



8:15 Considering that today is going to be a typical warm summer day, I came across another app that can help you out if you work outdoors. It's from the US Labor Dept (OSHA). When you download the app, it lets you put in your location and figures out whether the weather and heat index will be dangerous for outdoor workers. They give you tips on keeping hydrated etc. Cool. Check it out:



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07/08/2014 7:59AM
Bizarre things your body does while you sleep, Find a clean restroom app, Rate your co-workers w/ne
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