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Beauty-ful weekend ahead Woo-Hoo!

G'mornin! Gotta love Fridays when you know the weather is going to be gorgeous!

25 Cool things your iPhone can do!

Yesterday my friend posted this interesting post about neat things you can do with your iphone (some of them work on smart phones too). There are 25 of them, some of them aren't that interesting but some of them definitely are worth a try
. Check it out!

Funny video...would you push the button? I would, I'm way to nosy to let it go!

Friday Toy Memory: I loved Shrinky Dinks. Remember them? Upon reflection, I only have one problem with them...What's the deal with toy companies coming up with getting kids to play with hot ovens? They used to puff up and whatnot. Loved them! I didn't know they were still around. Maybe I should buy some and bake em up one weekend?

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04/13/2012 6:42AM
Beauty-ful weekend ahead Woo-Hoo!
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