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Bearded men or not?

So researchers took 200 women and showed them pics of guys with beards. Then, showed them pics of the same guys without beards...guess what? They liked the clean shaven dudes better. What's that about? I like a guy with a goatee or a little bit of facial hair. It's interesting. We got into this discussion this morning. My informal poll (3 women) revealed that 100% of responders (all 3 of us) liked beards. SO there Time Magazine! Haha. Read the story about this. What do you think? Feel free to comment below!

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03/08/2012 7:47AM
Bearded men or not?
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03/08/2012 8:36AM
Amy Hansen
I perfer a man with a goatee. My husband has one and I love it!! I even like when he gets a slight five O'Clock shadow.
03/08/2012 12:17PM
Bearded men or not?
It depends on the guy. My dad looked handsome with our without the beard (we preferred with), but my husband needs to stay clean-shaven!
03/08/2012 3:57PM
I like beardsn... Must be well groomed. Santa has a beard!
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