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6:15 On weekends, some people go to the gym, others spend their time in a more fun way. They go “yard-sale-ing”. Here are some tips to do it like a pro...according to


A few tips on how to become a top bargain hunter …
✓ Arrive Early – While the sign may say ‘8 am-1 pm’, every yard sale aficionado knows the good items go first. Being on time and showing up at 8:01 am is not a bad thing.
✓ Know What to Look For – Yard sales are great sources for clothing & toys for fast-growing kids; gently-used, sometimes antique furniture; kitchenware; and books by the box load.
✓ Don’t Be Shy – When you see something you may be interested in, grab it before someone else picks it up. Then you can take the time to decide if you really want to make the purchase.
✓ Try Before You Buy – Items in a yard sale cannot be returned. If you buy an electronic item, ask to plug it in or bring your own batteries to test it. Last thing you want is to bring home a dud.
✓ Bring Change – Don’t try to pay for a 25¢ purchase with a $20-bill. And when you say, “I’ll give you a quarter for that”, you need to have one handy before the owners change their minds.
✓ Be Polite – Asking for a deal is fine, but keep in mind the items on sale are actually someone’s belongings. Some may hold sentimental value, so don’t degrade them.
– Adapted from

6:45- Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre rolls on. I had tickets to King & I for July 9. Keep listening, who knows when we'll give away more! To purchase tickets and get other information, go to:


7:15-- What do you do....when you are in the loo?


Newspapers and magazines are losing out to digital devices in restrooms too.

Lysol No Mess Max's survey of 1,000 adults says that Americans spend an average of 16 minutes daily reading from their smartphones and tablets while on the toilet.

Overall, 38 percent say this is a normal routine, while 70 percent of respondents 18-34 admit it's part of their daily ritual.

Of course, people aren't just reading the news or a feature while on the pot.  Here's what business they use their digital devices for while doing their "business":

Read a tweet, Instagram feed or Facebook update - 57 percent
Purchased clothes online - 54 percent
E-mailed a boss, co-worker or client - 36 percent
Bought groceries online - 31 percent
Viewed a friend's profile - 27 percent
Viewed a family member's profile - 24 percent
Sent a text - 24 percent
Posted or "Liked" Facebook content - 17 percent
Posted a Vine (Don't ask)  - Five percent

Want to take survey yourself?

Want to read more about the results? Go here:

8:15 I just got the new Slurpee Straw. Al got it for me. It's funny, because it's sort of a brown mustache. It kinda looks like a turd on my face! Ha. :) I love it anyway.



8:30 As she heads into the final stages of her first pregnancy, Kelly Clarkson feels the same way many women do at this point: she just wants it to be over, already.

"Okay my baby girl needs to come on out ASAP. Mama is tired, swollen and miserable hahaha!" Kelly tweeted on Wednesday.  When a fan responded that they understood how she felt, but then added that her own baby arrived three weeks early, Kelly replied, "lucky!! 3 weeks early, I'm so jealous!!"

When another fan commented, "Bad news, you will be just as tired, miserable and swollen, but good news: you'll be able to hold that sweetie!" Kelly replied, "Totally get it but I'm ready for a different kind of miserable ha! AND I want to hold her in my arms."

When yet another fan asked her if she'd looked into ways she might be able to induce labor, Kelly said she was way ahead of her.

"Girl, I have tried everything! I'm still trying everything," Kelly tweeted, adding resignedly, "She has set up camp and is comfy, I guess."

It's thought that Kelly's baby -- her first with husband Brandon Blackstock -- is due this month.  The couple announced they were expecting late last year.




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06/05/2014 8:44AM
Be a Yard Sale PRO, What do you do in the loo?, Slurpee Mustache Straws rock!, Kelly C's ready to po
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