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Baking when it is HOT!

The heat wave has passed, but it is still the middle of Summer and that means there are more hot days ahead... I'm not much of a baker (too precise... I like to improvise...) but if you like to bake, you might want to keep some of these tips in mind from Baking Bites:   

This one is common sense to me when it is 100° out:  Try to use the oven late in the evening. Turning on your oven early in the day, unless it is only for a few minutes, can heat up your kitchen very quickly. When it is hot outside, that heat has nowhere to go and your house will feel even hotter. By baking in the evening, your kitchen, your oven and your baked goods will have plenty of time to cool down after you are done baking for the night.

But I LOVE this one... I might even try it... Turn your car into an oven. Save energy and keep your kitchen cool by not using your oven at all to bake that batch of cookies. On a hot summer day, when temperatures are over 100F, it can reach temperatures of over 180F inside of your car – and that is hot enough to bake a batch of cookies! Car-baked cookies (pictured above) are definitely a novelty, but they’re the perfect way of proving that you can make great, creative use of the summer sun. They’re also great for impressing family and friends who have been complaining about a heat wave.

Check out the whole list of tips over at the Baking Bites blog!

07/10/2012 8:12PM
Baking when it is HOT!
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