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Top Toys, Men DO have selective hearing, and Christmas Cash 4 Kids

6:15 I'm sure you've already spoken with Santa about this but...Here's a list of some of the hottest toys this year according to Toys R Us. The Fabulous 15
BTW, What's a Squinkies?

I have also heard tell that Furbys are back! Greeeeaaat!


6:45- There is such thing as selective hearing!!!! Ladies, let's just chalk this one up to VALIDATION!!!!!!

A new study confirms what most women already know- selective hearing is a real thing, and men do indeed suffer from it.  What may come as a shock is that women do too!  In the study, researchers made a list of words thought to be more relevant to men (like ‘beer’ and ‘football’) and women (like ‘shopping’ and ‘chocolate’).  When they read the list out loud to 80 participants, men correctly recalled more “male” words than “female” words, while the opposite was true for women.  No wonder your husband always forgets to fold the laundry but remembers poker night.

7:15 I chatted with Becky Linton From Christmas Cash for Kids. She told us where we are in the campaign and talked about some of the exciting giving opportunities like the children's day at Living Room Church this Sunday. Today, I'll be at the Shepherdstown Rd ROCS from 11am-1pm. Danielle will be at the Kelly Island Road ROCS from 3pm-5pm. Stop by to make a donation and help the kids!

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12/04/2013 9:44AM
Top Toys, Men DO have selective hearing, and Christmas Cash 4 Kids
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