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Bad Grammar could trip you up in your job search. Noooo, not Krusty!, Lay's Do u

6:15 Bad Grammar On Social Networks Could Cost You A Job

If you think the way you phrase your tweets doesn't matter in the real world, think again. A third of HR managers responding to a CareerBuilder survey said they have taken an applicant out of consideration due to "poor communication skills" on social media.

The Chief Marketing Officer at one talent acquisition company said:

"Job seekers should pay special attention to their social media profiles, ensuring all publicly accessible information is professional. It’s difficult for a recruiter to ‘unsee’ these references.”

According to Time, HR pros think twice about an applicant if their social media feeds reflect any of the following:

Bad or nonexistent punctuation: “If they can’t punctuate, if they can’t make a coherent sentence, then they are not, in my opinion, what we’re looking for,” says Thomas Anderson, a panelist with the Society for Human Resource Management and director of HR at the Houston Community College System. “If they don’t punctuate properly, you get a sense that the way they probably write all the time.”

Misspelled words: According to Vitale, 47% percent of recruiters say spelling errors are their biggest turn-off when reviewing a social media profile. Spell-check is there for a reason, people.

Incoherent rambling: “The employer is more apt to question your professionalism if you show a pattern of misspelled words… or your commentary seems rash, uninformed or non-cohesive,” says Jennifer Grasz, spokeswoman at CareerBuilder.

A stuck caps-lock key: “If they’ve got it all in capitals, that’s a big red flag… that indicates in social media or email that you’re shouting,” Anderson says. This is a widely known bit of online etiquette, so an applicant that isn’t savvy enough to pick up on this might have serious knowledge or social skills gaps elsewhere. (this is one of my pet peeves...friends who send e-mails with all caps. Ugh.)

Using words the wrong way: Using words incorrectly can also trip you up in an employer’s eyes, Grasz says. If you’re not sure what a word means, look it up.

Texting shortcuts: It might be natural for people -- especially young adults -- to abbreviate words with letters or numbers when texting, but Grasz says it can be a turn-off for hiring managers if your conversations on social networks are riddled with this kind of shorthand.

Article found at Time


6:45 IS 'THE SIMPSONS' KILLING OFF KRUSTY THE CLOWN?: Rumors surfaced on Monday (July 21st) that Krusty the Clown may be the character getting killed off of The Simpsons in the coming season. Showrunner Al Jean announced last year that a major character would be axed in an episode airing onSeptember 28th. Al has revealed that the title of the episode is 'A Clown in the Dumps' which has many speculating that it could be Krusty since a previous clue revealed that the actor who portrays the character has won an Emmy for his work. The episode will also be a crossover with Family Guy.


7:15 A few months back, we learned that Lay's potato chips is having the 2nd “Do Us A Flavor” contest. Now after several months and thousands of entries of flavors, Lay's has announced the finalists, this morning I chatted with the 4 Finalists of the Lay's Do Us A Flavor Contest. I only played about 5 minutes of our interview on the air. Click below for the exclusive extended interview with the finalists and what they plan to do with the $1 Million if they win.

Voting begins on July 28th. You can vote once a day every day until October 18th. Vote here:


Here is a story about the contest finalists:


Meneko Spigner McBeth created Wasabi Ginger Kettle Cooked Chips

Julia Stanley-Metz created Mango Salsa Wavy Chips

Matt Allen created Cheddar Bacon Mac n Cheese Chips

Chad Scott created Cappuccino Chips


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07/23/2014 10:54AM
Bad Grammar could trip you up in your job search.
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