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Baby names, Trick yourself into eating veggies

Now the focus is on Mother's day.  Earlier today, I chatted with my co-worker Hans Fogle. He and his wife are expecting their first child-a boy in a few weeks.  I was asking him about baby names. I came across a list of some of the most manly boy names that are pretty popular now. We joked about some of them because they are a little absurd. No offense if you've named your kid Fox, or Diesel.  Just my opinion. Here's the article.

If you find that you don't get enough of your veggies...there was a study that came out that said you should stare at an appetizing picture of something you REALLY want to eat like a steak or a slice of pizza and it will trick part of your brain into thinking that vegetables taste better. Interesting, who is going to try this?

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05/07/2012 6:29AM
Baby names, Driving Costs, 3 second rule
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