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Are you missing that hour of sleep? I am!

Today is the first workday of Daylight Saving Time. I definitely feel it and miss that hour!

Earlier today, I mentioned that I saw the new Lay's Commercial and the use of the song "Let's Stay Together". I love that song and I don't like it being used to peddle potato chips. I even love Lay's potato chips, it just doesn't seem like a good fit to me. Also, I take issue with a classic song that brings back memories that now is tied to this product. I'd prefer to think of the song as I remembered it before the commerical. Can you think of any other commercials where they use the song and you don't like it?

Here's the Lay's Commercial.

I also have to say that I like this one for Jackson Hewitt...but will never be able to get these dancers out of my head. They use the song "This is How We Do It".

It's allergy season and people are starting to complain about their noses running, sneezing and  the itchy eyes.  When you have something in your back yard that causes the allergies, it's hard to ignore. HEre are the Top 10 Worst Plants for Allergies from and Health Magazine. I see one of mine on this list... I'm talkin to you Ragweed!

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03/12/2012 9:11AM
Are you missing that hour of sleep? I am!
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