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Americans are weird, Kittyo --kitty babysitter, Coffee makes you honest, Online


Folks in the U.S.A. may think the rest of the world is weird, but our habits suggest we’re the odd ones out.  Check out some interesting stats about American behavior:


-We’d rather live without sex (20%) than our mobile phones (26%)

.  In fact, 44% of us sleep with our cell phones, and almost 70% check our phones even when they’re not ringing or vibrating.

-We’re increasingly lonely- the number of Americans living in single-person households is on the rise- and almost 60% of us sleep with our pets.

-More than half think it’s harder to eat healthily than do our taxes.

-43% have assigned seating in our living rooms.

-We collectively spend more than $7 billion a year on greeting cards for no particular occasion.


6:45 The new Kittyo is a remote kitty babysitter. With this new gadget, you can feed your feline, talk to them through a speaker, and even occupy them with a laser pointer. Read more about it here:


7:15 Drinking Coffee When You're Tired May Keep You Honest

Caffeine as the ultimate truth serum? It certainly seems to make people less inclined to be dishonest when they feel tired, according to three professors from the University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Michael Christian says that sleep deprivation weakens people’s resolve to be ethically strong, such as when a supervisor tells a worker to do something that’s not entirely on the up-and-up. 

In fact, Christian and his colleagues speculate that people who work the hardest are the most susceptible to the power of suggestion because they also tend to be the most tired, thus increasing both hostility and dishonesty. 

In an experiment, 171 nurses who worked long shifts were divided into two group in which one received plain chewing gum while the other chewed gum laced with caffeine that was the equivalent of two cups of coffee.

When encouraged to “go along with a lie in order to earn some extra money," the caffeinated group consistently refused to accede to the request.

Christian says this shows that “caffeine can help you resist by strengthening your self-control and willpower when you're exhausted.”  Just the same, the researchers recommend employers don’t overwork their workers or put them in positions when significant control is needed when long hours can’t be avoided.


7:45 Nearly One-in-Five Say Personal Data Online Was Stolen

Americans are clearly concerned that their online privacy can be easily compromised.

According to a Pew Research Center report, 18 percent of 1,000 adults polled in late January said they've had personal information swiped off the Internet that included their Social Security numbers, credit card data or information about their bank accounts.

The problem appears to have gotten worse in a relatively short time because when Pew asked the same question last July, just 11 percent reported a breach of personal information.

Meanwhile, 21 percent reported that online data pertaining to their email or social media accounts has been attacked, about the same as it was six months earlier.


8:15 What will they think of next? Add this to the list of ridiculous pregnancy and parenting trends.  Hopeful moms-to-be are now throwing pee parties,” where they all take pregnancy tests and celebrate their results!  Also known as POAS (Pee On A Stick) Parties, these gatherings allow groups of women who are hoping to get knocked up around the same time to make a usually private moment very public.  The worst thing we can imagine about a pee party?  No booze.


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04/28/2014 10:30AM
Americans are weird, Kittyo --kitty babysitter, Coffee makes you honest, Online identity stolen, Pe
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