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What would you do? Getting Married on the cheap?, Legos gets girls into Science.

6:15 Remember this awful PSA?

Well, the other day I experience it firsthand. I was sitting in a parking lot and a guy left his dog in the car for about 15 minutes while he went into the car. The problem was that it was about 4:30 in the afternoon and 85 degrees outside. He left only about an inch crack in ONE car window when he went into the store. The dog looked fine but after a while, I did notice him panting. I was so mad. The guy came out with only one thing in his hand and drove off. I was asking our listeners what I should do:

A) should I have confronted him?

B) nothing?

C) call the humane society?


Most people opted for a combo of A) and B). I feel bad that I didn't do anything but mostly I'm glad that the dog was okay. It bugged me. I can't believe  that the dog owner didn't seem to notice or care that this was the wrong thing to do!


6:45 Getting married ? On a budget? SAY YES TO THE (USED) DRESS:

Budget-conscious brides now have another option for ‘something borrowed’ … their wedding dress. Online bridal boutique Borrowing Magnolia lets financially savvy brides-to-be try on secondhand gowns they can then rent or buy. The site is aimed at the modern bride who is trying to cut costs and forgo some of the traditional wedding bells and whistles. Shoppers can look through used dresses to buy or borrow and select 3 to try on for $99. The gowns are then sent out to the brides-to-be, who have 5 days to check them out. Sites such as Nearly Newlywed and Rent the Runway offer similar services. (What happened to your wedding gown after the big day?)

7:15 Aw yeah, get those Legos out and let's inspire the girls to become Scientists! See, this 7 year old little girl wrote to Lego company back in January, and asked them to make toys for girls that were less boring and girly? I wonder if the new toys were inspired in party by her letter? It may have been the reason for the company coming up with the new line of science themed toys!


Here's her letter. I love that she let them have it!




8:15 You often hear of tractor trailers overturning and spilling all kinds of food products all over the road. For instance, recently butter clogged a major traffic artery (haha). Read more below:


Too much butter can be dangerous -- but proof came Friday not from a cardiologist, but from the Indiana State Police after a truck carrying the delicious stuff crashed on Interstate 465.

WISH-TV reports 45 thousand pounds of butter and whipped cream sloshed all over the pavement when the tractor trailer truck crashed along the highway around 3:30 in the morning after the driver reportedly nodded off behind the wheel. The cargo turned much of the roadway into a slick mess that took hours to clear.

It is not yet clear if 25-year-old driver Charles Pryor III will be charged.

Now I read this and felt a little better about road spills....

Do you ever wonder what happens to some of the food that gets spilled on the roads when a tractor trailer gets in an accident? The elephants, giraffes and bears at California's Oakland Zoo got to nosh on African jackfruit and bananas this week thanks to an overturned big rig that dumped 60,000 pounds of fruit. About 35,000 pounds fed humans at a food bank, and another 15,000 pounds fed the animals.


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08/06/2014 10:11AM
What would you do? Getting Married on the cheap?, Legos gets girls into Science...FINALLY,Is THAT wh
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