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All about Cell Phones and Fog Tuesday

Today, it was about cell phones all day...throwing them, ditching them, what they do wrong etc. Here goes.

I've heard of strange competitions before like:

But I've never heard of Mobile The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships. Now I have thanks to Mental They always seem to get the most interesting competitions. Read about it...and get your firing arm ready (for next year).

You've heard of Damn You AutoCorrect. Where people put the most naughty mistaken texts messages. On my phone, I have the feature where you can speak your messages, e-mails, or searches. The problem is that it never seems to hear me correctly so the results are hilarious. For instance:

A recipe that I wanted to transcribe called for lime, soy sauce, garlic, and honey. Instead, it typed " alarm, silly sauce, garlic, and homey". What? Hilarity ensues. Here are some others...

  • How ate you? = How are you?
  • I am excited for the trio= I am excited for the trip
  • EE were patted, it wad making me sick= We were painting, it was making me sick
  • I am aware that money to the girl= I am aware that Sunnie is a girl.

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08/21/2012 10:32AM
All about Cell Phones and Fog Tuesday
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