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All Halloween Thursday!

Today, in preparation for Halloween, we decided to cover all things Halloween...

At 5:45 we talked about great ways you can have a "Green Halloween". Some of these are pretty good ideas such as:

Add Green To Your Halloween!
The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and Green Halloween, a program of Green America, have partnered to provide communities with healthy, animal-friendly, and EEK-O-friendly Halloween events at 50 participating zoo and aquarium locations.  “Green Halloween events and booths will show kids and adults how to apply the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – to Halloween activities,” said AZA Senior Vice President Jill Nicoll. “From swapping conventional candy for healthier treats, to participating in green costume contests and making animal crafts out of recycled products, Green Halloween demonstrates how there are a number of ways to make Halloween fun and eco-friendly.” A list of participating zoos and aquariums can be found at If your local zoo or aquarium is not sponsoring a Green Halloween event, there are many great ways to also participate at home. Five tips to make your Halloween healthier and greener include:
  •     Always purchase new costumes? This year look for a local costume swap.
  •     Prefer to hand out treasures? Empty your kids’ pockets! Get inspired by the treasures they store – shiny rocks, feathers, sea shells. Stock up on these types of items and offer a choice.
  •     Looking for alternatives to conventional candy? Choose healthier treats that everyone from toddlers to teens will love including snack bars, organic lollipops, fruit snacks, or all natural gum.
  •     In the habit of buying new Halloween decor every year? Try exchanging old for new-to-you decor with friends and neighbors, or find decorations at your local Goodwill. Consider using edible items like pumpkins and other types of squash that can be turned into yummy soups and dishes after Halloween. Host a make-it-take-it decor party before the big day.
  •     Used to giving out handfuls? Cut back by 25%. Kids won’t notice the difference, but you’ll save money.
  •     Hundreds of other suggestions are available at, along with ways everyone can participate.

At 6:10am- We talked about Halloween candy. The tops of candy that was sold in 2011, our favorites, and other crazy intel. See the fun stuff below.

Best And Worst Halloween Candy


Before buying bags of candy for trick-or-treaters, brush up on which brands are on the list of best and worst Halloween candy, based on 2011:


Best    Worst   


1. KitKat 6. Snickers 1. Smarties 6. Dots


2. Starburst 7. Nerds 2. Raisins 7. Now and Later


3. Twix 8. Sour Patch Kids 3. Pencils 8. Hard Candy


4. Pop Rocks 9. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 4. Good & Plenty 9. Flavored Tootsie Rolls


5. Butterfinger 10. Crunch 5. Candy Corn 10. Bubble gum




More candy fun:
  • Candy sales for Halloween season 2011 were $2.3 billion!

  • 35 million pounds of candy corn were made last Halloween.

  • According, if you collect candy with a bucket while trick-or-treating you could come home with 9.5 lbs. of candy. If you use a paper bag, up that to 25 lbs. And a pillowcase has the potential to hold 47 lbs. of candy!

  • Tootsie Rolls were the first wrapped penny candy in America.

  • Candy Corn was first made in the 1880s, and it was only made March through November.

  • Snickers was named after a horse owned by the Mars family – inventors of this perennial favorite.

It takes a special person to work in a career that deals with the paranormal. There are some jobsin the paranormal field that aren't all that unusual. Since we are sticking with an all Halloween more about the Popular Paranormal Jobs below...
As the time draws near for costume parties and Halloween, there’s a renewed interest in the paranormal among the general public. Some take the paranormal a little more seriously than others through jobs like ghost hunter, medium and metaphysicist, according to a new report. The work of people who delve into mechanisms we cannot currently explain include laboratory experimentation, fieldwork, analytical studies, phenomenological approaches, case studies, surveys and historical research. If spending your days working with the unexplained has you tingling, CareerCast suggests these year-round careers in the paranormal field:

Ghost Hunter – This more specialized brand of paranormal research focuses on locating and discovering the reasons spirits or energies exist where they do.
Medium/Parapsychologist – The term medium is derived from the person’s middle status, relaying communication from the dead to the living.
Metaphysicist Metaphysics is a philosophical outlook that strives for answers to the world’s unexplained mysteries.
Broadcast And Sound Engineer Electromagnetic phenomena is captured on digital recording devices and then analyzed on computers.
Photojournalist – Camera work is a vital component of the paranormal research field. Technological advancements require you to know your way around a wide spectrum of high definition and thermal imaging cameras.
Historian Understanding the history of a region helps to tap into the possible paranormal footprint.
Forensics Analyst – The ability to collect and break down evidence from the scene of a possible paranormal event is essential, but requires the skills of a scientist.

10/25/2012 6:58AM
All Halloween Thursday!
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